COVID-19 and our business continuity plan

19 March 2020, 01:19 GMT
By EBC Group

EBC Group (UK) Limited are committed to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers and suppliers.

We are writing to let you know that our business continuity plan has been fully tested over the last few weeks, and is workable for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. We have taken additional steps to ensure that we are able to fully support you during this uncertain time.

Covid-19 update

We have taken steps to ensure that our staff can work remotely and can operate all our systems and processes remotely if required.

This ensures that there will be no interruption to the service we provide to you.
If you have any support issues, please contact our main office in the normal manner, and we will be available to assist you with the high quality of assistance you have become used to receiving.

For advice on making sure that your business has the technology for remote working view our blog Does your team have the technology to work effectively from home?

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