EBC Group recognised as top UK MSP

03 February 2021, 02:31 GMT
By Adam Flynn

Offering expertise across a wide range of services makes EBC Group an ideal MSP

EBC Group, the leading provider of workplace technology, is delighted that they have again been recognised among the top UK MSPs by Cloudtango.

The 2021 awards are the seventh edition and the selection process continues to highlight technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction within the MSP industry.

Each year, Cloudtango recognises the most successful managed service providers (MSPs) around the world in what has become a global reference due to its independent, unbiased approach, as well as in-depth analysis. In the seventh edition of the awards, they continue to highlight technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction provided by the MSP industry.

For the 2021 awards, their technical analysis focused on Cybersecurity, Support, Infrastructure and Cloud services. Through the selection process, seven years of data have been analysed, 223 different types of certifications have been reviewed, 95 vendor partnerships have been accounted, and 22 different IT services have been evaluated.

It is because of this high level of analysis that EBC Group were delighted to be recognised again by Cloudtango as one of the leading MSPs in 2021.

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