Cloud for Digital Transformation

18 March 2020, 03:21 GMT
By Adam Flynn

It’s hard to imagine a world without cloud technology. From social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to Skype, Whatsapp and even Netflix. When it comes to business, cloud technology has enabled us to use our most productive tools over the internet, allowing you to work on documents, presentations or spread sheets from anywhere, at anytime.

However, many businesses have not yet fully embraced the potential of cloud, perhaps only utilising one or two services. When it comes to digital transformation, cloud offers a multitude of opportunities, from cost effective solutions to business flexibility. Whether your business is looking to replace tired IT systems, avoid spend on refreshing kit, or simply start from scratch, cloud offers the cutting edge technology to transform your workplace.

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Cost effective:

Although the prospect of digital transformation seems costly, cloud offers a scalable service model, where organisations simply pay for the resources they need, particularly when technology sits idle during periods of lower demand.

Time consuming data processing and software patching are made redundant with cloud freeing up vital resources and removing unnecessary business expenditure such as computer equipment, hardware and software. Ultimately, businesses can save both time and money by streamlining operations into one accessible cloud platform or service.


Most organisations are now aware of the implications of storing data in-house, whether via desktop folders, hard drives or even basic filing cabinets.  It only takes one unexpected data breach, system shutdown or disaster to lose all of this critical information, with detrimental costs to the business. Cloud enables businesses to easily create multiple backups of data, alongside high performing cyber security solutions that minimise the risk of security breaches and downtime.

Rapid prototyping:

For digital transformation to work, organisations must innovate, test and implement technology. Cloud provides a flexible platform where organisations can easily build, test and deploy applications without the need to set up complex infrastructure or invest in costly hardware. When developing your digital technology, cloud allows your organisation to experiment with multiple applications, on varying platforms throughout your transformation phase.

 Better collaboration:

With many organisations still operating on disparate systems, cloud enables businesses to communicate and collaborate in a single unified environment. The ability to access data anywhere, at anytime means employees can work in real time from a central digital location, saving on duplicate data and ensuring everyone has the right access to the information they need.

EBC Group are an award winning cloud and managed service provider, providing a number of cloud solutions to organisations across the UK, including; Private, Managed and Hybrid. As winner of ‘Cloud Project of the Year’ at the national SDC Awards, EBC Group have helped a number of organisations across the region implement cloud solutions, helping to transform their workspace into a high performing digital environment.

For more information about EBC Group’s cloud solutions visit, or contact or 0121 585 4400.

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