Choosing the Right IT Support Provider

01 February 2020, 01:32 GMT
By Adam Flynn

Information technology has certainly developed over the past three decades. You only have to look at your own mobile phone compared to a few years ago to see how progressive the industry has been. Technology has become quicker, sleeker, super intuitive, and far more accessible than ever before, with consumers having a wider choice about what, how, and where they engage with it.

For many businesses, this reliance on technology goes on day after day with little or no thought to the loss of connectivity glitches in the software system, or even data breaches. All of which can prove disastrous for any company as it can damage both your reputation in the marketplace and ultimately your brand. The price of not having technical support can be both financial and emotional, as it leaves your business in a very vulnerable position, open to hackers and computer viruses alike.  

But there are things you can do to protect your organisation. Having the services of a managed support provider can reassure business owners that their technology and software are both safeguarded against any eventuality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, how do you choose the right IT support provider for your business? It’s vital that you get this right, as they have your reputation at stake, but there are some key service level requirements which to look out for such as: 

The ability to work remotely, ensuring that IT systems are working efficiently and effectively for your business around the clock.  

• Having an experienced IT support team who can deliver excellent customer service and are dedicated to problem resolution. 

• Fast and effective IT solutions to ensure you and your customers have minimal disruption. 

• Ability to manage the end-to-end process with the latest technology advancements. 

IT Services & Solutions

EBC has been providing managed IT services across the UK for over three decades. They plan, implement, and support a client’s IT needs as well as providing support as and when required. Having the services of such a reputable business not only gives clients peace of mind knowing that there are people working behind the scenes to keep the business and employees safe and secure but also has the knowledge and expertise to understand the latest technology advancements. That is why EBC is a dedicated go-to company for all IT services. 

With over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, EBC understands the complexities that technology can bring. It can be like unraveling spaghetti especially if there has been under-investment in the past. Their experience means that they understand the common problems associated with software and IT systems which enables them to identify the issues quickly and resolve them. Whether it’s fault-finding, problem-solving, or project managing, they have the experience within the team to help. 

EBC is proud to partner with some of the most respected experts in the field of IT, which means that they not only stay up to date with the latest technology but are also at the forefront of implementing the newest developments. Ultimately better for your business and better for your customers.  

EBC also has the ability to identify exactly what technology your business needs and by completing a simple IT audit they can understand the current IT status and look for ways to make them more efficient, cost-effective, and easier for the end-user. Whether that’s outsourcing a single IT element or by providing a full infrastructure outsource, they can safeguard your business to make certain that it’s fit for the future.  

Cyber Security

In the age where data is king cyber security has never been so important. How do you know that your software is protected and that your systems have the safeguards in place to prevent hackers from stealing customer details? EBC is certified to Cyber Essential Plus, which is the highest level of Government certification. This means that they have the skills and technology in place to be able to monitor any software system and infrastructure for data breaches and enable a disaster recovery solution should it be necessary.  

Any loss of data can be concerning and potentially brand-damaging to any business. No one wants to lose vital customer data as this can lead to brand damage and reputational loss. EBCs fully managed, multi-tenanted cloud solution ensures that all business information is protected 24/7. With both a primary data centre and a secondary back-up location business owners can rest easy knowing that their data is safeguarded.  EBC also understands just how important it


EBC also understands just how important it is for clients to communicate with both external customers and with their internal teams and suppliers. There is nothing more frustrating than to be half-way through a conference call when the signal goes and the connection is lost. By using state-of-the-art software-based IP communication EBC can unify all communication devices, ensuring that the business can continually improve, while increasing productivity.  

Print & Data

EBCs support doesn’t stop there, they are also able to protect all aspects of company (printing, from scanning and copying to all other multifunctional print devices. They are a Gold Xerox Partner, as well as a Canon Silver Partner, which means that businesses can be reassured of not only the best print solution, but also guaranteed at the best price. 

By choosing EBC you get a total solutions provider who is able to cover all aspects of your technology, saving you time and money. They have the benefit of working with global accredited partners which ensures that you are not only at the forefront of new and developing software but also have the expertise in the marketplace to assist. Our clients understand the benefits of partnering with global experts which is why we are an award-winning company.  

We support businesses across the UK, in particular those within the West Midlands such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester, and the Black Country. For further information or to discuss your infrastructure concerns click here or phone 0121 585 4400 or email us directly at 

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