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24 March 2020, 08:07 GMT
By Adam Flynn

Due to COVID-19 for the majority of SMEs remote working has become the new normal for their employees. This current crisis has left many unprepared for so many staff to be working remotely on a long-term basis

Our business continuity plan ensured that our team was prepared to work remotely in the event of crisis or disaster and we have a fully functioning team ready to support our clients.

Our previous blog looked at whether organisations had the right technology in place; in this blog we look at a five-point plan for how EBC Group can support and assist your organisation to work more effectively remotely.

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1. Hardware:

With the sudden need for laptops/tablets for your remote workers and no budget planned for this unforeseen event, we can help with the following:

  • We have priority access to a wide range of mobile tech (laptops, mobiles, tablets) with options available for no payment required upfront.
  • We can offer the full Microsoft Teams experience for 6 months without being charged for the licence, which normally costs £36 per user over 6 months.

2. Microsoft Teams:

Collaboration tools have become vital for remote workers and Microsoft Teams is seen as the leading business tool. Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool for home workers that enables them to simply communicate, collaborate and share with other members of their teams wherever they are located. Features include Chat, File Sharing, Team Conversations and Team meetings via both audio and video. 

  • We can offer the full trial of Microsoft Teams for 6 months for free months, which would normally cost £36 per user over 6 months.

3. Access:

We can help with your immediate need for secure access for remote workers needing secure access to the corporate network:

  • VPN access for secure remote access from any desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or via the web across all operating systems.
  • The ability to create simple, secure and efficient connections to your remote workforce via ConnectWise Remote Workforce Extension.
  • Rapid deployment with physical, virtual and cloud options

 4. Security:

Ensuring your remote workers have secure access to your infrastructure is vital, we can provide:

  • Controlled Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) access to all your organisation’s applications (hosted on-prem and in the Cloud) with the ability to track who is accessing, when and how.

5. Management and Support

Due to remote working IT teams are not able to help fix issues easily, using our remote monitoring and management our support team are always on hand:

  • With endpoint management and remote monitoring, we can have complete visibility of all your networked devices.
  • Our IT Support helpdesk have the ability to remotely fix any of your team’s networked devices.

EBC Group are able to support your organisation and its team through this challenging period.  For more information call on 0121 585 400 or email to see how we can assist with your remote working now and in the future.

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