5 Mistakes of Digital Transformation

20 June 2019, 02:59 BST
By Adam Flynn

When it comes to technology, every business, large or small, faces the same common problem – simply keep up, or be left behind. For many however, the prospect of digital transformation can seem costly, complex and disruptive.

Although your systems may be meeting your business needs now, in reality any future growth or success will be massively hindered by the inability to adopt new technologies. Simply replacing your current systems when they grow tired or break may seem like an easy short term resolve, however in the long run businesses will only suffer as a result of their avoidance to adopt a digital transformation plan.

Digital transformation production machine

The right Digital Transformation plan can provide a host of benefits, from reducing costs and time, to improving efficiencies across the business. However, digital transformation is not a single ‘out of the box’ solution or package. Transformation takes time, careful planning, and the right resources.

There are plenty of mistakes that can be made when embarking on a transformation journey – here are 5 examples, and how to avoid them;

Lack of strategic direction

A lack of clear strategic direction will not only make the whole process longer and drawn out, but could also result in spiralling costs. A transformation plan requires strong collaboration across the business, and must be adopted wholly by company leadership- break the plan, and the transformation will fail to come together.

A successful plan should consider all business needs, with a clear set of goals as the aim. Whilst a digital transformation sounds complex, breaking every process and task into manageable steps will make the overall implementation relaxed and simple.

Technology that works

When discussing a digital transformation, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Whilst the technology plays a vital part, it is important that everyone is involved in the process, not just the IT department.

When it comes to the day-to-day usability, the technology must work across all departments and at all levels. If the technology is starting to become too complex for the business, be prepared to pause or roll back on steps where serious issues occur.

Enhance your technology

For most businesses who are performing successfully, digital transformation may not seem like a necessity.  However a digital transformation should be used to make existing functions and processes more efficient and effective – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Simply enhance it!

Instead of re-building an entire new infrastructure, enable the business to enhance current systems, add new features and overtime change the business step-by-step.

Knowledge is power

This may see simple, however having the right level of knowledge running through your business is imperative to the success of your digital transformation project.

A generalised level of understanding simply won’t be enough, and could flag a number of issues further down the line. Before starting your journey, identify any missing skills and address them accordingly. Investing in the right skills early in the process will ensure your strategy and plans stay on target- this could be through in-house training or outsourcing select resources. 

Get your infrastructure right

So, you’ve made your plans. Identified your targets, discussed the steps needed, and have everyone on board. But have you considered your existing infrastructure? and most importantly, if it can support your proposed changes?.

As part of your early investigations, it is important to identify what needs to be upgraded replaced or reconstructed- once you’re into your transformation any ‘unexpected surprises’ could be both costly and disruptive. Simplifying your infrastructure should be factored into your plans. Removing multiple redundant or duplicative services and systems, could be as simple as moving your services to a cloud based solution.

Cloud solutions provide access to a huge number of services that can help drive and build a transformation project. Their scalability allows your transformation to grown along your business, in addition to ensuring your infrastructure is running on the most up to date and future proofed technologies.

How can EBC Group help?

Digital transformation is not a journey that takes place alone. For those with limited resources Managed Service Providers (MPS’s) can help make the process easier and provide valuable insights in your project. A digital transformation needn’t seem daunting, and with the help from MPS’s like EBC Group, businesses can be assured that they are getting the best value as well as professional assistance on technical solutions, including print, document management, telephony and connectivity and a host of IT solutions, including cloudhostingcyber security and disaster recovery.

If you would like to discuss your digital transformation journey, contact EBC Group on 0121 585 4400 or Click Here 

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