The future of Information Management

Most organisations already have multiple systems, including shared network folders, ECM systems and file sharing services such as Dropbox. Some are on-premises and some are in the cloud. The larger the organisation the more complicated it can become so many fear that adding another system could actually make it worse.

M-Files not only enables your business to easily find what you need across any repository or system, but also enriches and re-purposes the information located anywhere without disrupting existing systems and processes.

What if it didn’t matter where a document was stored or which system manages it? Imagine if information could be easily organised and managed based on its value and relevance.


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We are proud to be an award winning M-Files Gold Partner. Combined with our in-house technical team that cover a range of managed services, we are able to offer bespoke high-quality Information Management Solutions that enable clients to meet their business objectives through the use of the M-Files technology. We have built our reputation on making sure that we get things right and providing the highest levels of customer service. 

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Information silos

Too many information silos

Managing the information and data within an organisation is more complicated than ever before. The volume of data that the average organisation creates has risen significantly and it's often stored in a wide range of different systems or spread across shared network drives which makes it difficult and time consuming to find and control. For employees multiple different interfaces to learn slow down user adoption and end-up decreasing productivity. M-Files helps make a organisation's information environment simple and less of a drain on IT resources.

No more repositories

Another repository isn't the answer

Most companies already have a multiple systems and repositories including everything from shared network folders to full EIM systems, such as OpenText or Documentum, to file sharing services like Box and Dropbox. Some are on-premises and some are in the cloud. Normally the larger the company, the more complex it all gets. Adding yet another repository can actually make matters worse.

With M-Files it is possible to easily find and use what you need across any repository or system and also enrich and re-purpose information located anywhere without disrupting existing systems and processes.

No Migration Required

No need to migrate (really!)

One of the first and biggest stumbling blocks to implementing a new EIM system is data migration. How do you get all of your existing data into the new system? It's difficult, time consuming and expensive.

With M-Files it's up to you when and how you migrate. You don't need to migrate anything, or you could migrate later on, when you choose. This allows you to migrate, intelligently, based on your own users behaviour.

What vs. Where

Relevance not location

The historical approach to Information Management was concerned about where the information was stored, which folder, which library, which system? When an organisation has multiple systems, the problem becomes exponentially difficult. The new approach to Information Management is not concerned with the location of information, only what it is, why it is needed and the relevance to the task at hand. The new Information Management is dynamic and personalised; information appears differently dependent on different roles, teams and individuals. It's intuitive; everyone knows what they're working on.

Intelligent Metadata

The Intelligent Metadata Layer

The new generation of Information Management is so much more than just a system to store and process data. By leveraging the an open architecture that supports best-in-class analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. A powerful, new metadata-based approach creates an "Intelligent Metadata Layer" that unifies multiple systems and repositories based on context while the actual content and data remains in place, with existing systems and processes undisturbed. Information is classified and organised automatically, and the system adapts and improves over time based on key metrics and user behavior.

Magic Quadrant

M-Files named a Visionary in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for ECM

M-Files was included by Gartner, Inc. in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management. Gartner’s assessment of M-Files metadata driven ECM Solution is based on its completeness of vision and ability to execute. 

"Gartner has recast its definition of ECM in 2016 to emphasise the strategic need for a more dynamic, flexible and adaptable approach to content in the enterprise."

Back Office Vault

The complete package for SMEs

M-Files Back Office comes with a pre-configured Vault, including workflows for accounting, human resources, CRM, contract management, project management and asset management. 

Simple to deploy and easy to use, M-Files Back Office provides everything a business needs in affordable tiered packages.

What our customers say

"Since Jupiter implemented M-Files its changed the way we work as a whole group and operation - from sharing information, to filing data, to going back and being able to find documents that we’ve amended historically - this has made a huge difference to what we were doing previously, and has changed the whole dynamics of the office and improved the way that we work”

Mark Tweddle, Managing Director at Jupiter Group

Flexible Deployment


M-Files Benefits

M-Files is a flexible Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform that can be used across your entire organisation. It provides a multitude of functionality and benefits to every department

End duplication

End duplication

Say goodbye to folders and duplicate content

With the deployment of M-Files, you can eliminate the need to create static folder structures and duplicated cntent. Access content however you want, from anywhere and filter by client, project type, date, status or any other relevant criteria.

Document Permissions

Document Permissions

Document Permissions

With M-Files, you can set permissions for entire classes of documents as well as individual documents, and even for different versions of the same document – including assigning roles that give different levels of access to individual users and groups.

E-Signing and Workflows

E-Signing and Workflows

Automate your workflows

Managing and tracking workflows created in M-Files is an automated process that supports e-signing from your mobile device. Get notified when a document needs to be e-signed and manage a range of workflow processes from contract approvals through to invoicing.

Review History

Review History

Use annotations and redlining in M-Files

Use annotations and redlining in M-Files on PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Visio drawings. M-Files automatically saves every annotation so you can see the entire history of a file.