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Managed Print Services

Printing costs can add up unless a clear strategy is in place and often businesses are not even aware of their hidden printing costs. EBC Group are an award winning managed service provider. We are a Xerox Gold partner and Canon Silver partner so you can be sure that we will provide you with a Managed Print Service (MPS) that will help you set clear objectives and monitor processes, which could result in reducing your print costs by up to 30% 

What is a Managed Print Service?

A Managed Print Service covers all aspects of a company’s printing with the anticipated result of saving time and money. This is achieved by analysing their printing requirements and providing more visibility and control of their printing at both the input (data/information going in) and output level (what is actually printed), resulting in them printing less and therefore reducing the amount of ink, paper and energy used.

The Managed Print Service includes the management of print devices such as printers, scanners, copiers and multifunctional devices as well as document management and workflow solutions to improve the company’s print environment. Read more...

Why do I need a Managed Print Service?

EBC Group offer a true MPS which involves more than simply sourcing and servicing your printers. Through consultation with you, we will produce a roadmap of your business, set clear objectives and provide continuous monitoring to help you to:

  • Gain visibility and control of your print infrastructure
  • Save up to 30% of your print costs
  • Deliver long-term savings
  • Change printing habits and reduce print volume
  • Focus your attention on your core business
  • Rationalise suppliers and your printer estate with a single solution
  • Streamline document workflows and increase productivity
  • Improve end-to-end print security
  • Reduce your impact on the environment

Why EBC Group?

EBC Group have been providing trusted solutions to their clients for over 30 years. We are a Gold Xerox partner and winner of Xerox partner of the year in 2018 as well as Silver Canon Partner so you can rely on us to provide the best solution at the best price. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help your business.


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How will I save money with a Managed Print Service?

In simple terms a managed print service will save money by helping a business achieve the following:

Printing less:

  • Less ink toner used
  • Less paper used

Being more efficient:

  • Saving employees time
  • Saving energy costs

Purchasing less:

  • Less print devices required
  • Less ink and paper purchased

"The managed print solution EBC Group have introduced to us has made us more efficient in all areas. The implementation of the devices has been so easy."

Phil Johns, Director at Mainstay Residential Ltd

Discover Section


Discover the real costs of your printing

Your visible print costs usually represent just 20% of the total spend

Your printing costs include:

Visible costs:

  • Hardware, consumables and maintenance

IT support and infrastructure:

  • Helpdesk, training and networks


  • Ordering, billing and supplier management

Document production: 

  • End-user time and effort

Document management:

  • Filing, storage and electronic capture


Businesses of all sizes often overlook the real cost of printing and many are unaware how much print is costing them or that visible costs ususally represent just 20% of their total spend. This is why industry experts often refer to 'the hidden costs of printing'. 

In consultation with you, EBC Group will begin with a careful review of your current situation and will be able to show you what you are currently printing and the true cost. The discovery will include assessing your current print environment to understand where you can save money, improve document workflows and implement processes to help reduce waste.

Following the review we can design a solution that removes the unnecessary costs, reduces waste and removes the hassles, which will leave you free to concentrate on running your business.

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Design Section


A bespoke solution based on your discovery

Designed with you and your employees in mind

Print environment

  • Consolidate multiple smaller devices into one multifunctional device.

Document workflows

  • Understand how information is inputted, stored and shared within your business.


  • Implement software to help you monitor and track printing, which will help correctly assign costs and reduce waste. 


Based on the results of the data gathered during the Discovery phase our experienced consultants will design a print and document solution that removes the waste and hassle and meets your business requirements.

We will work closely with all key personnel in your organisation to carefully plan and implement the solution, ensuring that all views are considered so that we create a positive impact for your business people.

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Transition & Implement Section

Transition & Implement

A seamless transition from the old to the new

Project management, system integration, training and change management

Transition & Implement

Whether your Managed Print Service consists of five or five hundred print devices, attempting to implement any new system can leave a negative impact for your business and employees if the transition is poorly managed.

In order for the implementation and transition to be successful we will build a process that engages with your employees to create understanding, build trust and achieve support.  We provide professional training which will educate your users pre and post installation to ensure successful adoption of the MPS strategy.

Hardware installation and removal is an often neglected phase of the transition & implementation process. We use a dedicated team of professional print hardware installers, equipped to seamlessly deploy your MPS hardware. We have expertise across the IT environment which means that we can deliver a solution that integrates with your IT network.

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Support & Manage Section

Support & Manage

A suite of support software and diagnostic monitoring tools

Using service management processes to support agreed SLAs and KPIs

Automating your printer administration

EBC Group’s iSense Service provides remote monitoring and diagnostic tools which maximises the up-time of your printer fleet and gives your employees more time.

iSense provides:

  • Automated meter readings 
  • Automated machine diagnosis
  • Automated toner ordering
  • Fleet activity reporting


Telephone Support Service

In the unlikely event that you need to contact our service department, our team of support personnel are on hand to help immediately. So whether you need to report a problem that’s stopping you from printing or copying, or perhaps need help configuring a printer driver, our experienced and friendly team can help.

A productive print environment will utilise the optimal amount of print devices to enable efficient printing without creating unnecessary overheads. Without the right level of ongoing support even the most well designed Managed Print Service is likely to fail. If the equipment doesn’t work properly and your employees are unable to print, it affects both their productivity and moral.

EBC Group’s print service, iSense is powered by a suite of innovative support software and diagnostic monitoring tools. Our expert hardware and software engineers, supported by an experienced support team, are integral to our commitment of providing you with a guaranteed customer service experience that you can rely on and trust.

We use our experience, skills and knowledge to project manage the transition and implementation, introducing a new solution that will change user behaviour so that you get the best results. What's more, we keep working with you to make sure it stays that way.

Our consultants will ensure your print fleet and document workflows maintain optimum performance over the long term, placing the highest importance on achieving agreed KPIs and SLAs.

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Review Section


Continuous improvement through regular reviews

Continuous improvement to support the changing needs of your business

Continual improvement

EBC Group provides a complete end-to-end solution that continues once your printers and software have been installed. As well as ensuring that you are meeting your cost objectives, our expertise across a range of areas including Information Management and Business Intelligence means that we enable you to achieve more than many other print providers. From analysing what you do with the documents printed or scanned, how they are shared, where they are stored and how the data in your business can be used to provide you with strategic insights.

Regular Review Meetings

Your account manager will meet with you and all other key stakeholders every quarter or whatever frequency suits your business to review our Managed Print Service’s performance against the objectives that were created during the design stage. Our aim of these reviews is to ensure that we’re meeting your planned cost savings and productivity improvements.


Using the live print management from your system, your account manager will help you to identify trends to form training requirements or adjustments to any automated print rules and routing before they affect your organisation.

  • Printing by application
  • Time of day analysis
  • Job size analysis
  • Bulk printing analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Print analysis
  • Colour analysis
  • Printer selection analysis

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