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Managed IT Services

Having a reliable IT system is crucial for the day-to-day running of your business. EBC Group’s managed IT services will manage and maintain your key IT systems, leaving you to concentrate on your business. Take our free IT audit and see how our services enable your business to dramatically reduce IT costs, increase efficiency and gain total peace of mind. 

What are managed services?

Stop for a moment and imagine a world where your systems are all running smoothly. Where regular preventative maintenance and pro-active diagnosis of your network means you’re never waiting for an engineer to arrive. Where your employees can access the technology they need, when and where they want to, with no frustrating glitches or buffering getting in the way. Stop imagining, this is the reality with managed services.

Why EBC Group?

EBC Group offer a range of flexible accredited IT managed services, from outsourcing a single element of your IT to a full infrastructure outsource.  We have a wealth of experience delivering IT managed services across a wide range of sectors. Whether you are a small business seeking an IT partner who can offer additional expertise and support or a large organisation requiring a complete IT managed service.

EBC Group will tailor a range of services to best fit your organisation’s needs, providing you with a commercially viable solution, which enhances your technology, typically for less than you are currently spending.

Organisations across a variety of sectors including commercial, manufacturing, leisure and the public sector are benefiting from our specialist solutions and cloud services.  

We provide managed IT and IT support to organisations across the region and have over 30 years experience in helping SMEs make their IT and technology more efficient and cost effective.

IT Audit

Has your IT system run out of steam? How long has it been since you really gave it a good check-up? Having a stable and efficient ICT infrastructure is crucial to the running of any successful business. It’s no secret that having a better IT and technology system in place, can have a direct impact on overall productivity and business growth.

Find out if you IT could be improved through a free IT audit

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  • Account manager and full customer support
  • From one-off projects to fully-managed ICT 
  • Bespoke, commercially viable solutions


  • Significant resources, expertise & experience
  • Twin private data centres with full failover
  • Award winning Managed Service Provider


  • Completely customised solutions
  • Proven success with economies of scale
  • Future-proofed infrastructure supports growth


  • Responsive service desk
  • Proven processes, management and systems
  • Trusted advisor, partner & provider for 30 years

"We are on a journey at Twycross Zoo to deliver our 20 year masterplan we were keen to source a provider who could grow with us and would understand the unique needs required by our organisation. EBC Group took the time to really know our systems and processes inside out, recommending solutions that would be pivotal in the continuing development of the business and supporting us on our journey of growth."

Louise Biffin, Chief Finance Officer at Twycross Zoo

Managed IT Support Section

Managed IT Support

Proactive IT support with complete peace of mind

Reduce your IT costs whilst increasing your service quality and reliability

Ensuring that your IT perform at its best

Having a reliable IT system is crucial for the day to day running of your business. Allow EBC Group to use our expertise to help reduce your IT maintenance and running costs whilst increasing the service quality and reliability of your IT infrastructure. A managed IT support will ensure that your business is protected and supported at all times and provides a more robust, proactive service than traditional break-fix models.

EBC Group Managed IT Support

We pride ourselves on for the reputation we have built for delivering professional IT Support to businesses of all sizes, across a range of different sectors. With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on EBC Group to provide your business with reliable IT support that you can trust.

Our fully managed, IT Support service comes at a fixed monthly fee, ensuring you will never receive an unexpected or inflated bill.

We take complete responsibility for your IT and systems, whether resolving issues remotely via our helpdesk, maintaining your IT infrastructure, monitoring your systems or carrying out on-site support. We monitor your systems 24/7 and regularly perform proactive reviews and implement health-checks which reduces the risk of any hardware failures.

At a glance:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • No capital outlay
  • Manageable fixed monthly fee
  • Proactive system maintenance
  • 24/7 live support via phone



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Remote Monitoring Management Section

Remote Monitoring Management

24/7 remote monitoring

We resolve your issues before they impact on your business

What is Remote Monitoring Management

Remote monitoring management tools enable us to effectively manage your IT requirements and enable our technicians to monitor multiple workstations and IT systems simultaneously. We can also quickly resolve your issues before your business or people become aware and these issues impact on your business or productivity. Remote monitoring also means we can automate scheduled maintenance tasks on your IT systems.

24/7 remote monitoring

Utilising our ‘real time’ 24/7 remote monitoring software, we offer a fully managed IT service that proactively identifies, prevents & resolves IT issues before they cause headaches for your business. This non-intrusive form of 24/7 IT support often results in IT issues being resolved before your business is even aware.


  • Round the clock – 24/7 monitoring of devices
  • Remote and onsite maintenance services
  • Rapid diagnosis through monitoring data
  • Response priority over regular customers
  • Complete reporting and analysis
  • Greater transparency into IT performance and planning

At a glance:

  • Round the clock monitoring 
  • Rapid diagnostics on all systems
  • Complete network reporting and analysis
  • Easy to use interface and navigation
  • Help desk and customer service support

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Total Outsourced IT Section

Total Outsourced IT

A dedicated IT service at a fraction of the cost

Like having your own IT department but with the benefit of broader expertise, resources and industry accreditation

Many organisations don't have the resources to manage their own IT effectively, their time and money could be better utilised by investing in other areas of their business. Many wish to benefit from new IT systems, software and applications but without the hassle and cost that comes from having to support them.

If your business is looking to reduce IT costs and the headaches associated with managing your IT systems and infrastructure then IT outsourcing could be the perfect solution.

Providing you with all the benefits you would associate with your own IT department but for a fraction of the cost.

The management of technical IT support, hardware monitoring, disaster recovery and data backup requires significant resources and investment. Our outsourced IT solution offers your business complete IT support and network management for a fixed monthly cost. We will become your IT partner – a virtual version of having your own IT department.

Simply put it's like having your own in-house IT department but with the benefit of broader expertise, resources, industry accreditation and experience that comes with being a dedicated IT service provider and most importantly at a fraction of the cost.

As a total solutions provider we are able to offer your organisation the benefit of outsourcing a wide range of services, including data storage, disaster recovery and infrastructure. By outsourcing your IT to EBC Group’s private cloud you will have your own private dedicated hosted infrastructure, which will provide your business with the latest equipment, which is not shared and will be able to cope comfortably as your organisation grows without the need to continually re-invest.

Find out more about the benefits of managed services

At a glance:

  • Full support
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 'real time' monitoring
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam,
  • Online Backup,
  • Email
  • Disaster Recovery services

"‘Having partnered our IT services with EBC Group, our infrastructure has been completely refreshed having overhauled a tired and dated system. The EBC Group team has transformed an underperforming IT system providing Jupiter Marketing with centralised support and an IT partner that really understands the importance of flexibility and future proofing our systems'. "

Ian Grubb, Financial Controller at Jupiter Marketing

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