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Toolkit for M-Files

The EBC Group Toolkit for M-Files is a set of utilities aimed at making the implementation and maintenance of M-Files vaults easier, faster and more accurate.

Initially developed in 2014 by EBC Group development staff to support our consultants, the Toolkit which contains two utilities, can now be licensed by M-Files re-sellers and end-users to support their M-Files implementations.

The M-Files toolkit contains 2 utilities the Document Generator and Property Group Manager.

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Document Generator Section

Document Generator

We know that good documentation is imperative

At EBC Group we know that good documentation is imperative and a comprehensive document provides information to assist in the administration and ongoing support of a solution. However we also know that creating this kind of document can be very time consuming and as a result we have developed a utility that is able to document the structure and configuration of an M-Files vault automatically.

Simply run the utility and connect it to your M-Files vault. You will have a Microsoft Word document that contains the structure of Class Groups, Classes, Object Types, Property Definitions, Value Lists, Users and Groups, Workflow States and much more.

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Property Grouping Manager Section

Property Grouping Manager

A simple, one-stop user interface

Since M-Files 10.2, M-Files has been able to group properties on the metadata card into logical groups. For example the collation of information such as 'Contact Info' into a separate section of the metadata card to 'Employment History'. Toolkit for M-Files removes the need to manually write, test and maintain a JSON structure of information containing property IDs and aliases and then enter it (and other information) into the Name Value Manager application. Removing a resource intensive process which most resellers weren't interested in undertaking.

The Property Grouping Manager provides a simple, one-stop user interface to allow the creation and management of the JSON syntax, including saving it to the server. Simply use a graphical interface to specify which classes you wish to manage, create your groupings, then drag and drop properties into their relevant sections. Saving the changes to the server is as simple as pressing the Save button.

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