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M-Files: Protecting your data against Ransomware

By Graham Hurwood, EIM Sales Specialist

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Posted 22 May 2017

In light of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, many businesses are now questioning the security and protection of their business data.

For M-Files, a leading document management solution, their robust security features ensure your files remain safe from encryption technology and ransomware.


How does M-Files work?

Unlike mapped network folders, M-Files documents cannot be edited unless they are checked out. In order to check-out a document in M-Files, a user must have edit rights and complete the check-out process which means only ransomware with the ability to use M-Files can theoretically encrypt files M-Files.

Although M-Files does not currently know of any ransomware that can achieve this, if such malware did exist and were executed on an M-Files client computer, the newly encrypted file would be saved as a new version, and not effect previous versions saved.

Thanks to M-Files ‘version control’ capabilities changes to files are never over written, and all changes are stored as a new file version, which means encrypted files can be simply be rolled back to a previous version. 


Tags: Documentation Security, Information Management

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