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M-Files Benefits

M-Files is an award-winning EIM platform that goes far beyond what can be achieved with a simple document management system. M-Files has an array of functionality, meaning it can be utilised for a wide range of business applications and different job functions. So it's not so much of a question of how can it help, as what do you want it to do?

Who is M-Files for?

M-Files is a flexible Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform that can be used across your entire organisation. It provides a multitude of functionality and benefits to every department and job function within your business from the CEO to the Admin team.

Why EBC Group?

By fully understanding your business and tailoring the M-Files platform we will ensure that it benefits every job function within your organisation. Our on-boarding process provides full user adoption and ensures everyone gains the most from M-Files.

Why not see for yourself...

Download a 30-day free trial of M-Files to see the benefits for yourself or alternatively if you are interested in seeing M-Files in action you can schedule a live demo.


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"We needed a more effective system for both our Purchasing and HR documents, M-Files had the functionality to not only effectively manage the processes but to also provide us with a secure, easy to use, and scalable solution. Once we combined the functionality of the product with the skills and expertise shown by the team at EBC Group it was clear that we had a great solution that we feel can help our business and can be flexible with any changes in our requirements."

Rachel Bayliss, Finance Manager at Charter Castings

M-Files for Finance Section

M-Files for Finance

Makes audits, reporting, and day-to-day management easier

Keep records of everything and maintain updated financial documentation

From banking to accounting to insurance, your industry faces challenges that range from regulatory compliance to data security and availability. M-Files helps organisations comply with financial regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information.


  • Make your business audit-proof
  • Process invoices faster
  • Mobile accounting
  • Record management

"When I'm out of the office, I can easily find out if invoices have been paid, and even approve invoices from my smart phone. The mobile document retrieval and workflow capabilities of M-Files enable us to eliminate workflow bottlenecks, which improves our business process efficiency."

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M-Files for HR Section

M-Files for HR

Easily manage staff documents and information

Access and manage documents, including reviews, training and certifications

You're responsible for the most important asset in the company: people. From recruiting to training to employee benefits, everyone in your company relies on you to get hired, fit in and feel at home. M-Files helps you access and manage employee documents and information, including annuals reviews, training and certifications.


  • Learning and development
  • Employee information management
  • Certification tracking
  • Protect sensitive personal data

“With M-Files, our interdepartmental coordination has improved and we are able to work more efficiently. M-Files has definitely improved our response time when servicing client requests because we can readily retrieve the relevant information.”

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M-Files for Quality & Compliance Section

M-Files for Quality & Compliance

Maintain compliance and ensure product quality

M-Files automates workflows and allows the right people to access the right information instantly

You've got high standards. Maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring product quality consistency are your top priorities. Manually tracking tasks and verifying actions can be extremely time consuming. M-Files automates workflows while allowing the right people to access the right information instantly.


  • Disseminate and enforce policies and procedures
  • Automate quality processes
  • Keep track of corrective actions
  • Reduce regulatory risk

“Overall, our experience with M-Files has been good. The system is fast, and the searching and retrieving features are great. The way you can sort documents into different classes and groups of classes with metadata is fantastic. The ability to share files with consultants overseas has proved very handy. They can pull files whenever they want at any time they want.”

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M-Files for Contract Management Section

M-Files for Contract Management

Automate contract processes while controlling risk

Automating contract processes will make your proceses more efficient and help control risk

What is automated contract management?

Contract management software is designed for storing and managing legal agreements such as contracts with vendors, leases and licensing agreements. Contract management software is used to streamline admin tasks, reduce a businesses overhead and provide a single, unified view of each contract’s processes.

M-Files Contract Management is a purpose-built, out-of-box solution for automating contract processes while controlling risk. It's a cloud based solution that enables the creation, review and approval of contracts. 

"Next generation contract management solutions like M-Files CM allow organizations to automate contract management processes while ensuring risk is mitigated." 

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