Back Office Vault

For most businesses, accurately storing, managing and tracking documents can seem like an impossible task, particularly when each department and team member is doing something different. With each area of business seemingly using a different system, disjointed processes often spark a chain reaction of delayed admin time when finding or collaborating on work.

But what if there was a solution that allowed you to manage data across the entire business?

The M-Files Back Office solution is pre-configured environment that is designed to address common business processes in an organisation. It is designed with SME's in mind and contains 'out of the box' features that each department requires to easily store and manage their documents. 

It supports all the departments within your business and includes specific pre-configured processes and workflows suitable for different functions, including accounting, human resources, CRM, contract management, project management and asset management, with all the benefits of an information management solution.

Linking Your Business

M-Files Back Office Vault's pre configured workflows will actively save both time and money; whilst its dynamic search engine will make the retrieval of information and documents much faster.

Essentially, M-Files Back Office solution will link your business together, via series of intelligent features that include; automated tasks, version controlled documents, mobile access and the ability to share data without sending attachments- keeping all of your data together, in one place.

It’s Office and Windows integrations means that adoption is high, whilst it’s ‘out of the box’ offering means it can be deployed quickly and customised to meet virtually any need.

An easier way…

The M-Files Back Office Vault Features include:

Document Management:

Permission controls, enables users to instantly access files from any device, while ensuring documents are approved, version controlled and avoiding duplication of content. 

Issue Management:

An Out of the Box system to keep up with the issues that are critical to your organisation, such as service issues, customer complaints, IT requests and more.

Asset Management:

Keep up with everything you own, who it's assigned to, where it's living, and any other information you need to run your business effectively manage your data.

Contract Lifecycle Management:

Securely keep contracts organised and make sure the right people have fast access to the right version of any contract from any place on any device. 

CRM Lite:

A lite CRM to track sales campaigns, opportunities and contacts, designed to help your company drive sales.

Project Management:

Find, search and track project documentation and the status of documents (draft, approved, under review) to help streamline your project management. 

What our customers say

"I was looking for a solution that would make document storage structured and easily accessible to all users, particularly those working offsite. EBC Group provided us with a robust solution and their team have excellent knowledge of the EIM system and how to tailor it to individual business needs."

Adrian McGowan, Finance Manager at M.Lambe

Who is Back Office for?

The Back Office Vault has been built with SME's in mind and offers solutions that work across all types of businesses operating in all vertical markets. The pre-configured environment helps smaller companies quickly implement the solution and quickly gain value.

M-Files has a range of functionality which allows it to be utilised for a number of business applications and job functions, from Finance to HR.

So it’s not a question of how can it help? But rather, what do you want it to do?



Makes audits, reporting, and day-to-day management easier - Keep records of everything and maintain updated financial documentation. The ability to manage and process invoices, receipts, purchase orders, financial statements and tax documents. 

Human Resources

Human Resources

Easily manage staff documents and information - Access and manage documents, including reviews, training and certifications, with built in security for private employee data.

Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance

Maintain compliance and ensure quality - M-Files automates workflows and allows the right people to access the right information instantly

Contract Management

Contract Management

M-Files contract Management purpose-built, out-of-box solution for automating contract processes while controlling risk. Maximise visibility and control for contract management with notifications, assignments, audit history and version control to reduce inefficiencies and costs. 

Added Benefits

The following m-files benefits are included in the Back Office Vault;

DocuSign Module

Intelligent Mata-Layer

Network Folder Connection

Ocular Character Recognition (OCR)

Back Office Vault Configuration 

Cloud Vault