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We understand that companies in the legal sector need to continuously find ways to improve their IT services and securely protect their data and IT infrastructure. Finding a provider that also adheres to regulation and compliance procedures can sometimes seem expensive and complex.

We work closely with a range of legal clients such as TalbotsLawHallmarkHulme, Parkinson Wright and Thursfields to understand what their practice needs to achieve before using our knowledge and expertise of the legal sector to offer recommendations, implement and manage their IT and technology.

EBC Group’s managed services are strategically designed to improve the way legal practices and solicitors work to improve their IT environment and make genuine long-term cost savings. We will improve the way they work by improving their IT environment, enhancing security of data and removing risks.

For organisations in the legal sector the security of sensitive information is critical and of paramount importance to them and their reputation. That is why all of our cloud and hosted solutions are housed within our ultra-secure, private data centre. With over 30 years’ experience of helping legal firms with their IT we are ideally placed to recommend the right solution for your business whether it’s on-site, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.

As a total solutions provider, we can offer a complete suite of IT, telecoms and print, which means you get the benefit of only needing to deal with one supplier and can make significant cost savings.

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"We were looking to bring all our IT needs under one umbrella, including servers, PC's, print management and telephony. EBC Group offered a comprehensive solution and took time to understand our business needs."

Julian Powell, Business Director at Hallmark Hulme Solicitors

Prevent legal cyber crime Section

Prevent legal cyber crime

Protect your legal network

Think your network is safe from cyber crime and hackers? Think again. Protect your sensitive legal data from cyber attacks.

For law firms, our network security solutions add vital layers of protection that are vital to the running of any successful practice. It’s intrusion prevention technology provides real time protection against network threats, in addition to offering the latest and most advanced filtering and anti- spam systems. Protecting your essential legal data, our Cyber Security is strategically designed to save both time and money, through its forward thinking technology.

As legal firms become more reliant on technology and the internet, maintaining a secure virtual environment is key to protecting confidential and sensitive legal data. With many firms failing to address any kind of threat from cyber crime, legal firms are at risk of leaving their networks wide open to hacker infiltration as well as gambling with the prospect of financial loss.

As clients put increasing pressure on legal firms to improve their defence systems, being insufficiently prepared for an attack could result in reputational implications, not only for the firm, but also for clients. Requiring the best solutions to protect sensitive data and comply with rigorous regulations, EBC Group’s Cyber Security solution provides the latest in cyber crime defence systems.

"Cyber security is massively important to a business like ours. We hold a lot of personal and confidential information about our clients; we also handle substantial sums of money through the business on a daily basis. Businesses like ours are seen as a soft target to cyber criminals. EBC Group have provided us with a series of firewalls and anti-virus protection meaning that our info and client data is much more secure and protected from cyber criminals."

Rebbeca Widdowson, Managing Partner at Hallmark Hulme Solicitors

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Legal Compliance Section

Legal Compliance

Protect confidential documents

With numerous files and documents printed each day, our managed services will help you protect and secure your information throughout the print process.

With confidential and sensitive files handled daily among legal practices, the need to protect and support key information has never been more important. With the introduction of ‘Legal and Compliance’, practices are now liable for the misuse and loss of data which could prove detrimental, not only to the particular client but also to the firm as a whole.

Keeping control of both printed and electronic documents is a struggle that law firms face each day.

How many times have you found yourself rushing to the printer to collect those ‘confidential’ documents? Or worse, do you find yourself collecting increasing numbers of unclaimed documents from the print area each day? You’re not alone.

EBC Group’s forward thinking Managed Print Services are designed to add that additional, vital level of security to your print flow. Its unique ‘follow me print’ function holds all documents in a secure print queue, until manually released at the multi-functional device via a unique pin or swipe card given to each individual user. This eliminates any mix up of documents, and prevents sensitive information carelessly being left unattended.

"EBC Group provides Thursfields with an outsourced IT service, giving a high level support, with resilient solutions ensuring security and reliability of IT systems"

Julia Warillow, Finance Director at Thursfields

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Storing Legal Files Section

Storing Legal Files

Find and collaborate instantaneously

Being able to find documents and files is crucial, particularly when dealing with demanding cases. Now you can find your information on demand.

With each case generating reams of material and additional paperwork, being able to successfully track, monitor and find documents can be a real headache. Not only is it imperative to securely maintain documents in conjunction with government legislation, but being able to then find these documents in a timely and efficient manner is an issue practices battle against daily.

Establishing a collective workflow, a Document Management solution, can help increase productivity as well as providing a level of security that is integral to the core of any successful law firm.

EBC Group’s Electronic Information Management system, M-Files, is designed to easily store and manage your documents, finding legal data instantaneously through its dynamic search tool.

M-Files lets employees dictate which documents are accessible to certain users, allowing you to account for who has seen or worked on a specific file. With multiple users often working on a project, keeping track of amendments to documents can often prove problematic. With a successful Document Management system, all changes and versions of a document are available at a glance, leaving a necessary paper trail to show how documents have been handled and modified. 

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Unified Communications for legal Section

Unified Communications for legal

Why Unified Communications is right for your legal firm

Legal firms will see benefit from bringing voice and data together to work in a more efficient way whilst also reducing costs.

There are a number areas that legal firms will see benefit from implementing a unified communications solution that brings voice and data together and enable them to work in a more efficient way whilst also reducing costs.

Our unified communications platform Swyx which we have implemented in to a number of legal firms including QualitySolicitors Talbots and HallmarkHulme has enabled them to transform the way they operate. The Swyx system can be uniquely setup for each team member, enabling them to receive calls in the way they wish to. Presence information makes the handling and transferring of calls between sites seamless.

"For QualitySolicitors Talbots the implementation of a new telephony system has brought a significant return on investment and an average saving on calls of 55%"

Accurate billing:

Removes the guess work

  • Ability to charge client calls automatically without the need to purchase additional software.

Enhance customer service:

Integration with any software

  • Automatically generate customer details and information when they call in.

Mobile workforce:

Work from anywhere

  • Login to your Swyx account from anywhere with a data connection.

Simple voice messages:

Straight to your inbox

  • You will receive emails with your voice messages as an attachment immediately.


See and be seen

  • Includes phone and video conferencing functionality as standard


Fixed Mobile Convergence

  • Use all of your telephony features straight from your mobile phone.

Reduce Overheads:

From day one

  • No expensive hardware, benefit from server consolidation. Route all voice and data traffic over your network.

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Disaster Recovery for legal Section

Disaster Recovery for legal

Protect your Data

If your business were to encounter a disaster, would you be able to fully restore your legal data within minutes? Now you can.

With regulation and compliance a key issue in legal practices, making sure all information is stored both conveniently and securely is a top priority. 

But what if this information were to be lost? Should a disaster occur, such as fire, theft or cyber attack, would all those sensitive and confidential files be securely backed-up and recovered in efficient time?

With clients trusting a practice in keeping sensitive information, loss of such important data could prove catastrophic to your business.

Making sure your practice has the most secure and appropriate back up, EBC Group’s Disaster Recovery solution is a fast, affordable and reliable backup system that provides recovery within minutes like no failure had ever occurred.

With unwanted downtime keeping employees from performing the simplest of tasks, ensuring all data is restored in a timely and efficient manner is crucial for keeping a continuous workflow. 

Offering a high level of service by making use of our Private Cloud environment, we can provide complete recovery within an hour of the initial crash and most importantly with zero data loss.

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Cloud Computing for legal Section

Cloud Computing for legal

Your data, systems and applications, anywhere, anytime.

Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum.

Cloud computing services are attractive to legal firms because they enable businesses to transfer the responsibility of running on-premises hardware and software to a specialist provider, who manage the hassles and costs that otherwise burden IT departments, such as software upgrades and hardware maintenance. Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum. 

We understand that some legal firms may have concerns over the security of cloud computing, which is why we offer a totally secure Private Cloud solutions, which is hosted in our private data centre via a secure fibre circuit. This has the benefit of enabling us to host of a full range of services from IT data and applications, to disaster recovery or telephony which can provide significant cost savings.

Cloud Computing has been a hot topic in legal IT for several years and many firms are realising the benefits and adoption is on the increase. IT is rapidly moving from a function that is run, managed and maintained in-house to an outsourced service hosted in a secure environment and managed by a specialist provider.

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Control Legal Print Costs Section

Control Legal Print Costs

Control your printing costs

With no controls or limits, the cost of unnecessary printing can be high. Take back control of your print environment, and accurately monitor usage.

In busy office environments, keeping costs to a minimum and controlling expenditure can prove both time consuming and difficult. With high volumes of paper printed daily, costs can often spiral, with employees printing carelessly and with no regards for paper waste.

With EBC Group's advanced print management software, taking back control of your print environment has never been easier. Strategically designed for legal industries, our print management software will actively monitor and track every document copied, scanned, printed or faxed, and assign the cost appropriately.

Accurately monitoring your print usage and costs and export data directly in to your company's time and billing system, allowing accurate allocation of printing costs to accounts and client files.

Identifying and reviewing this data not only helps you to regain cost control, but also helps reduce expensive paper waste, as costs and data can be broken down, analysed and new usage systems implemented.

Our functionality allows you to assign different levels of print access to different users, improving overall firm security.

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IT Services for Legal Section

IT Services for Legal

Award winning IT that's right for your business

We understand that the smooth running of your IT is critical to your legal business and we ensure that your IT systems are professionally monitored and supported.

As today’s legal environment becomes increasingly client and data driven, ensuring businesses have the most cutting edge technology and IT services available to support their services is critical. With high volumes of confidential and sensitive information passing through practises daily, it is equally as important to ensure that this data is protected and secure.

EBC Group offers a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions, designed to enhance and support the day to day running of any legal practise. Whether it’s an on-premise or cloud based solutions, EBC Group will work with you to deliver the right solutions for your business via a transparent and flexible pricing structure, which ensures you only pay for the services you need. 


  • A wide range of managed IT services
  • On-premise or hosted cloud solutions
  • Private data centres
  • Fixed monthly bill, scale up or down
  • Qualified technical engineers and support
  • 24/7 proactive support and monitoring 

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IT Support for Legal Section

IT Support for Legal

Saving time & money on your IT support

EBC Group's IT support alleviates the time and costs associated with maintaining your IT systems

For legal businesses, having a strong business process and IT strategy in place is key to staying on step ahead of the competition.

With employees often working to deadlines, and dealing with large amounts of confidential and sensitive data each day, having a support service you can really rely on is vital to the running of any legal business.

EBC Group understands that time is money, and we provide managed IT and IT support that ensures your business experiences minimum downtime and disruption, whilst reducing the overall running costs of your IT. Providing a proactive service, EBC Groups IT support monitors your systems 24/7 regularly performing reviews and health checks which reduces the risk of any hardware failure. 

EBC Group will tailor a range of services to best fit your organisation’s needs, providing you with a commercially viable solution, which enhances your technology, typically for less than you are currently spending.

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