ISO has become essential to IT Providers

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

Posted 10 Nov 2017

ISO 27001 for Information Security Management has become the standard that all cloud service providers should challenge themselves to attain and maintain. EBC Group place considerable importance on being accredited to ISO standard in order to provide our clients with the complete confidence required to host their mission critical systems with us.

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Managed IT Vs Traditional IT Support

By Faisal Iqbal, Technical Director at EBC Group

Posted 15 Mar 2016

For businesses looking to keep a tight grip on the purse strings, forgoing the monthly expense of a managed IT service and simply calling a traditional support service each time an issue arises may seem budget friendly, but what are the implications?

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Microsoft Launch Windows 10

By Mike Bridges, IT Divisional Head at EBC Group

Posted 30 Jul 2015

The release is expected to change the way millions of us interact with our computers and gives Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, a chance to wipe away the stains of Windows 8 and drive the company forward.

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