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Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions perform under even the most demanding circumstances

Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions perform under even the most demanding circumstances, offering the type of consistent performance that you would usually expect from a wired connection.

EBC Group’s Wi-Fi solutions use the innovative Xirrus Wi-Fi hardware and software to help our clients solve the challenges of ever-growing, ever-evolving Wi-Fi network demands. Installing Xirrus Access Points (APs) means that your company no longer has to settle for consumer level Wi-Fi which may be undermining the speed and reliability of your internet connection. 

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Why Xirrus Wi-Fi provides a better performance

Xirrus provides the only enterprise Wi-Fi networks specifically designed for the real-time demands of an all-wireless world. Xirrus’ cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions are scalable, future proof, easy to use and provide application control, which makes Xirrus the obvious choice for both SMEs and large-scale Wi-Fi networks.

Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions perform under even the most demanding circumstances, offering the type of consistent performance that you would usually expect from a wired connection.

Xirrus’ unique network architecture can scale to double and quadruple the number of users, without performance impact or the need for additional wiring or the purchase of extra access points. It’s designed to evolve with the changes in Wi-Fi technology and standards, so you won’t need to replace your Xirrus network, even after a decade of use.

The conventional method of deploying thin access points tied to central controllers has failed to meet the increased demands from of BYOD and mobile applications. These issues are exacerbated in standard wireless networks by the new wireless standards, such as 802.11ac, that can deliver 3-5 times or more than that of 802.11n speeds. 

Xirrus Wi-Fi addresses these scalability challenges with its architectural innovations such as software programmable radios, a modular design to future proof the network and directional antennas for greater coverage and RF control.

Features and benefits

Affordable implementation

Up to 75% less cabling and equipment than other Wi-Fi solutions


Simple deployment and app control


Unprecedented reliability and performance


Cloud portal that ensures simple deployment and application control


Ability to grow and add capacity as Wi-Fi needs increase by simply installing in additional radios


Viable uses in almost every type of location and environment
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Why EBC Group?

If you are looking to get a Xirrus Wi-Fi network installed in to your organisation then EBC Group as an Elite Xirrus UK partner are the perfect partner. Our team of trained engineers we will ensure that your orgainisation receives the very highest level of service and performance from your Xirrus Wi-Fi products.

We work with a wide range of different types of organisations and can provide the right solution whatever the size or layout of the workplace environment, including both indoor and outdoor setups.

Our xirrus certified wireless technicians will fully scope your environment and provide you with recommendations to ensure that have the optimum number of Wi-Fi access points for your environment usage and budget. Our team will then fully install all of your access points and ensure all of your equipment is fully networked, including printers, PCs and mobile devices. Our fully managed Wi-Fi as Service (WaaS) ensures that we will manage your network for you to ensure you never suffer from dropouts and your network is fully protected. 

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