Don’t rely on consumer standard Wi-Fi for your business

With the internet now relied upon by every business, Wi-Fi networks which have no physical wired connection between sender and receiver are the simplest way to get a business, employees and customers connected.

However some companies who are still relying on basic Wireless Access Points, which only provide consumer level Wi-Fi connectivity and security. All types of companies can benefit from a business-grade Wi-Fi solution, from enterprise level through to small and medium businesses (SME). It is a solution which almost every sector and industry can benefit from within their organisation, whether they are looking for Wi-Fi for their employees to connect to or Public Wi-Fi connectivity, which they can offer to their customers.

Our cloud based management software will provide your business with greater security and insight into your network and its users, offering a reliable and high performance product compared to inferior competitors. We have installed Wi-Fi solutions at a wide range of businesses including a major public Wi-Fi project at Worcester Warriors.

Xirrus Wi-Fi

Using our cloud-based network management software, keeping your Wi-Fi network running smoothly is simple. As a gold partner of Xirrus we have a broad experience and deep expertise in a wide variety of industries, EBC Group is the partner you can count on to transform your Wi-Fi network to meet the demands that come with the exploding use of mobile devices.

Features and benefits

Variety of uses:

Complete coverage in public gathering areas, event connectivity and e-commerce, video surveillance, Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi


Whether connecting a city square, an event venue, or a conference, people are able to get online quickly and their experience is consistently reliable.


Superior Wi-Fi performance at unbeatable value


Use a cloud dashboard to manage the entire network, with a powerful suite of easy-to-use tools and built-in network services


Just plug in the access points, and they will be configured automatically, with performance optimised for every user and device


A complete portfolio of Wi-Fi access points – coverage across high-density networks, convention centers, sports arenas and auditoriums

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