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Intelligent Capture

Many organisations invest in technologies to improve the flow of data, but because of manual inputting and scanning of data end-up with slow and costly bottlenecks. Our solution will accurately sort paper and electronic documents based on their content and automatically pass it to other areas or applications in your business.

Why do I need Intelligent Capture?

Have you ever considered all the steps a document such as an invoice goes through once it enters your business, the time and cost it takes for each person to handle it and the number of copies stored within the business. An intelligent capture and workflow solution will enable you to create an automatic process that saves time and money.

Intelligent capture are the processes that enable your business to end slow and manual processes and automate your print and electronic documents. When combined with an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software, the capturing of documents can be integrated with other systems and areas of your business, such as Accounts or HR creating Intelligent Capture.

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