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Information Management

Information is available in both electronic and physical formats and an organisation needs to be capable of managing the vast amounts of data throughout its entire lifecycle. The focus of Information Management is the ability of organisations to capture, manage, preserve, store and utilise the right information to the right people at the right time. This data can then be analysed for insights that lead to improved decision making and strategic business moves.


  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • M-Files implementation
  • M-Files custom development
  • Intelligent capture
  • Document workflow
  • Data solutions
  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions


We will gain an in-depth understanding of the information within your business, how it’s currently used, shared and stored and what your objectives are for gaining value from it. So whether your organisation is simply looking for a storage system to process invoices more efficiently or requires an advanced business intelligence tool for gaining insights into your customers we can design, implement and manage the correct solution for you.



Our expertise in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) means that we can create a solution bespoke to your business which provides a formalised way of organising, storing and sharing your organisation's documents, and data throughout its lifecycle.

If your organisation deals with large amounts of incoming paperwork such as invoices which then need to be shared around the business and securely stored we can provide you with software that will enable you to setup automatic and seamless workflows to manage the process for you.

Our Business Intelligence solutions enable you to analyse and utilise the data within your business to make strategic designs and improved interactions with your customers.  

Improve the quality, security and value of your data by enhancing the way you store, analyse and share information