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How secure is your business?

By Mike Bridges, IT Divisional Head at EBC Group

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Posted 26 Jan 2016

When it comes to network security, it is often wrongly perceived that larger organisations are the only ones who need to dedicate resources to protect their networks against the increasing risk of online threats. But as the risk becomes more wide spread, even smaller businesses have become regular targets to a growing base of expert hackers.

Although most SME’s believe their businesses are safe, in reality the threat has never been greater, as many hackers now look to target their unprotected networks.

As part of the governments Cyber Streetwise campaign, only 16% of respondents said that investment in cyber security was their top priority; an alarming figure considering the rapid pace of the cyber world and online dangers this poses.

With more than 317 million new pieces of malware- computer viruses or other malicious software, created last year alone, businesses are leaving themselves wide open to hackers who can easily obtain confidential business and client information.

In real terms, the consequence of an online attack can be devastating to any organisation, with loss of data, business and reputation costing UK businesses £34 billion each year.

Among the weaknesses that make businesses attractive to cyber criminals, is the lack of time and expertise needed to implement security defences, in addition to failing to keep systems updated and outsourcing security to unqualified contractors.

Understanding the importance of business security, Halesowen based EBC Group has been providing state of-the-art network security to businesses across the Midlands.

‘Having witnessed the growing power of cyber attacks and security breaches, EBC Group knows the security risks businesses face each day’ comments Mike Bridges, IT Divisional Head at EBC Group. ‘Instead of simple websites or email, business are becoming much more interconnected, as they look to secure complex networks that involve on-premise, mobile and cloud connections with customers and partners’.

EBC Group’s security and disaster recovery solutions can add a vital layer of protection to businesses of any size, who are looking for the most forward thinking and cost effective security defence systems. The intrusion prevention technology provides real time protection against network threats, in addition to offering the latest and most advanced filtering systems and anti-spam systems direct from their privately owned duel data centres, as well as the security of a full disaster recovery solution.

For businesses looking to find out more information, EBC Group will be holding a workshop about online security- to register please visit ebcgroup.co.uk/events or contact 0121 585 4412

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