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How do I make my IT Stress Free?

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

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Posted 03 Apr 2019

There was a time when concerns for IT departments were simply attending to helpdesk tickets and menial support issues.  Whilst these are still important today, IT departments face a host of new challenges, from data regulation and developing technology to security issues and financial management.

How do I know when it’s time to review my IT and technology?

Managing all of the different services and various suppliers can get complicated, not to mention expensive. Just when you think you’re on top of everything, a new update or security scare needs to be prioritised.

When something breaks or needs updating you either need to pay for a repair or finance new equipment, meaning less budget for other IT projects, which can be particularly tough for small businesses with limited resources.

Having to contact a different provider for your IT, phone, Internet and printers is a hassle and time consuming. And when something goes wrong it all gets messy, ‘Supplier A’ blames ‘Supplier B’, who in turn blames ‘Supplier C’. Sound familiar?

Is there an easier way to manage all of my IT & technology services?

In short, the answer is yes! Many SMEs are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in a bid to improve their IT and technical operations, at a much more budget friendly cost.

MSPs provide the simplicity and cost-savings of only needing to deal with one supplier. Delivered as a service, SMEs benefit from being able to pay monthly with the flexibility to adapt to your growing business. Need an extra user added? Easy. An MSP gives you the ability to add or remove users as, as well as the flexibility to add and update software without causing any disruption to your working day.

Every business wants to save money, and a reputable MSP can do just that by reviewing what you are currently doing and recommending new cost effective solutions that you may not have considered. With constant monitoring of your network it is easier to maintain and fix things before they cause major problems.

Additionally, managed services ensure your costs are predictable, setting out a monthly spend that give you all the technical support and expertise without the hidden charges, or the traditional expenditure from a break-fix solution.

Is my business too small to benefit from an MSP?

For many businesses, the idea of ‘digital transformation’ is often associated with being both costly and rolled out on a scale that is much bigger than your average SME. The reality however, is that all business, both large and small, and can benefit from digitally transforming their infrastructure.

Upgrading your IT systems doesn’t mean having to break the bank. Using managed services can provide your business with endless digital possibilities, at a fraction of the cost of sourcing, installing and maintaining the systems yourself.

SMEs that are able to embrace and implement the right strategy at an early stage will reap the rewards, and ultimately keep a competitive edge.

Who can I talk to?

As a total solutions provider, EBC Group can manage your IT infrastructure both on-site or in the cloud and provide everything you need to run your business including, Information Management, Connectivity and Telephony.

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