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Hotel & Leisure

For hotel and leisure businesses customer service is of the upmost importance. Ensuring your business IT and technology are performing at their best is core to providing a service and standard that your customers demand.

From back office systems to front of house, EBC Group’s managed services are designed with both your employees and guests in mind, enabling you to provide a seamless transition through the entire process, from initial booking to check-out.

As a total solutions provider, we can offer a you a range services, ensuring your business communications are the fastest and most reliable available, from complete telephony solutions to the best Wi-Fi solutions on the market.

Offering a complete suite of IT, telecoms and print means you can benefit from only needing one supplier, in addition to a variety of service options where you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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"I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending EBC Group to our industry for the solutions they provide. We couldn’t think about having to go back and outsource everything. Definitely our supplier of choice."

Nadine Linnington, Sales & Marketing Director, Costwold Inns & Hotels

Connectivity Section


Never lose connection

Staying connected is integral to everyday operations. Ensure you have the best business grade connectivity for your needs and budget

For hotels, big or small, Internet is vital to everyday operations. From day to day administration, to sales and customer services, business is now increasingly happening online as customers use the internet to compare hotel prices, make bookings, log queries and write reviews.

It is crucial that hotels are now equipped with business-grade connectivity to support online activities, failure to do so could dramatically disrupt business processes, and leave hotels trailing behind their competitors.

In order to operate with maximum efficiency, it is important to choose the right type of connectivity for your business. EBC Group offers a host of connectivity options for hotels, from simple business broadband to the highest level of Internet connectivity from a Leased Line.

Our range of high speed business grade connectivity options are designed to fit with your business needs and budget, ensuring your applications work properly, your staff communicate effectively, your websites operate brilliantly and your business is open to a world of opportunity in the Cloud.

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Wi-Fi Section


World class Wi-Fi

keeping up Wi-Fi demands can put a real strain on your network. Take back control and provide your guests with the best connection

For many, choosing a hotel no longer comes down to rating amenities such as rooms or catering, the need to stay connected at anytime, from anywhere means Wi-Fi connectivity weighs heavy when making their choice.

Whether its business or leisure, guests now demand the ability to access emails, remote offices, Skype, social media or stream video on demand at any point during their stay.

The rise in BYOD (bring your own device) also means guests can bring and use any number of devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets which can also put a real strain on a hotels Wi-Fi network

Providing innovative Wi-Fi solutions, EBC Group’s Xirrus Wi-Fi technology uniquely solves the challenges of ever-growing network demands.  Xirrus provides a highly flexible and high performing Wi-Fi solution that ensures your connection is the strongest and fastest available.

Its forward thinking technology gives you complete control over your Wi-Fi service and guest log in, allowing you to restrict any high bandwidth activity. From streaming movies to software updates, Xirrus gives you the control to regulate your bandwidth usage, in addition to collecting valuable guest data, which can be stored and later used for any number of marketing campaigns.

Able to cope with increasing capacity demands from BYOD, Xirrus securely connects devices across any number of locations, including outdoor conditions.

In addition, Xirrus ensures 10-year lifespan that is adaptive to your business requirements and protects your investment against increasing capacity and guest demands. 

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Print Solutions Section

Print Solutions

Print on demand

Bringing your print in-house will make significant savings, giving you the control to print on demand and create marketing materials more effectively

For a busy hotel there is no limit to the amount of promotional materials in circulation at any one time. With promotions and events changing daily, keeping on top of marketing demands can often prove costly, particularly when outsourcing your print.

With hotels often seeing a high turn around of brochures, menus and related literature, relying on a 3rd party for print comes with a number of deadline restrictions and financial challenges. A lack of control over timescales typically makes it difficult to make short changes, whilst overrun print jobs are wasteful and expensive.

For many hotels the appeal of an in-house print suite comes with a number of tangible benefits that promise the same high quality print for much less.

Producing a range of materials, in a range of formats on demand prevents wasteful overruns, and the control to create short runs as and when required.

Turnaround time is significantly reduced, with materials created, printed and distributed on the same day. Campaigns and promotions are more dynamic and targeted, with the ability to personalise literature with customer’s names and promote specific events.

EBC Group provides a range of print solutions that ensures you get the quality and performance your business requires. Our partnerships with leading print suppliers such as Canon and Xerox ensure you receive exceptional performance, whilst our hardware and software solutions take care of the entire process.

"We chose EBC Group to help create our own print room. What we’ve been able to consolidate into a relatively small space has been so beneficial. EBC Group are able to advise us on new technology, and different ways we can improve our print."

Nadine Linnington, Sales & Marketing Director, Costwold Inns & Hotels

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Telephony Section


Flexible telephony for hotels

Telephony is a core requirements for any hotel. Ensure you have the most flexible and cost effective solution with hosted telephony

For hotel and leisure industries telephony remains a core requirement in everyday operations, from call centres, and booking environments to front desk and guest telephones.

With older systems and dated analogue phones becoming increasingly more expensive to maintain, Hotels require a unique type of telephone system that is feature rich and able to meet the demands of both the venue and guests.

For many in the industry, hosted telephony or cloud telephony is proving to be the most flexible and long-term strategy for their business.

Offering significant benefits over traditional telephone systems, EBC Group’s VoIP and hosted telephony solutions offer a cost effective, scalable solution, which provides the highest level of call quality.

Hosted directly from our privately owned data centres, our telephony solutions mean you don’t require software or servers and only pay for what you need, when you need it. For businesses that may fluctuate between busy and quieter periods, hosted telephony allows you to easily reduce or increase users, and drive down costs when needed.

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