Hosted Desktop

When you opt for hosted desktop services, your team can access their desktop, data and applications from anywhere, at any time as long as they have an internet connection. There are so many advantages attached to using hosted desktop services, such as eliminating the need to purchase new computers, software upgrades, servers and more. Your data will be fully protected, and users will only be given access to the files you want them to see. 

Cut costs and enhance productivity

A hosted desktop can boost productivity, reduce your overheads and make your business more flexible. A hosted desktop is also known as DaaS or Desktop as a Service. Hosted desktops store all operating systems, emails, files and applications in data centres. These can be accessed from any device, at any time. To users, a hosted virtual desktop will look just like a traditional one. However, the apps and data will be stored differently, in secure data centres instead of on their device. Nothing will be stored on the physical desktop, and you can constantly upgrade your hosted desktop and relax in the knowledge that your data is being protected robustly. This can also help you cut your running costs, as you won’t need to power heavy desktops and hard drives to ensure staff can access data and applications. 

Simple Maintenance

Users can be added and removed at any point. You won’t need to purchase new software licences every year and can instead pay for your resources on a monthly basis. Hosted desktop services can help with GDPR compliance, with applications being integrated and documents edited in real-time. Another key benefit of using hosted desktop services is that many workers are required to work remotely. Even when staff are located some distance away from each other, they can still collaborate effectively. 

More benefits

A hosted desktop system from EBC Group will also reduce the time it takes to manage and maintain your IT system. You’ll be able to specify which services you actually require and won’t need to pay out for those you don’t. Hosted desktops can also improve your resilience, delivering improved uptime levels to ensure business doesn’t have to grind to a halt due to connectivity problems. You can expect constant access and performance and even improve your green credentials thanks to the reduction in energy and equipment.