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With patient care the priority of healthcare organisations, having a business system that is reliable, secure and efficient is vital for providing a first class service. With many healthcare organisations dealing with large amounts of sensitive data such as healthcare records, insurance claims and physician notes, making sure these files are secure and available on demand can often seem like a costly prospect.

EBC Group's managed services are designed to make considerable savings across your business, eliminating timely and dated procedures and replacing these with cost effective and efficient solutions. We understand that keeping sensitive information secure is number one priority, and our strategically designed hardware and software will help you adhere to any regulations.

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Securely Store Patient Records Section

Securely Store Patient Records

Protect confidential documents

For organisations in the health sector, maintaining and securing patient records is critical. We can ensure documents are secure and available on demand

EBC Group's Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system, M-Files will successfully manage all healthcare records enabling you to easily organise and track any document. 

From start to finish M-Files will store and manage documentation, from the time patients complete admittance forms to interactions with physicians, transcription of physician notes, medical coding to billing, insurance, and other healthcare operations.

M-Files dynamic search engine allows you to search via any criteria, whether that is by patient, procedure, physician or date. Through one centralised system, paper documents can now be scanned in and converted into electronic documents that can have multiple layers of security. 

Adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), M-Files ensures complete security of confidential files. 

With any health care profession comes confidential records, folders and notes.

Keeping confidential records in an organised and productive storage system is imperative for having essential information on hand. 

For any doctor, nurse or consultant the need to have specific medical records on demand is critical for determining the care of a patient. In addition to this, being able to securely upload and store notes or personal information is integral for regulation and compliance purposes.

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Track Health Care Records Section

Track Health Care Records

Protect the documents you share

When sharing confidential information, knowing who's viewing it is essential. Accurately monitor activity, giving you full control of your sensitive data

Our forward thinking and uniquely designed software is ideally suited to healthcare industries, providing a new level of security that allows you to monitor, track and lock the documents you share. 

By simply ‘tagging’ a document, will allow its sender to view all activity surrounding a document, providing accurate details as to where your document has been opened and by whom.

Aside from providing complete peace of mind whilst sharing important data, this also aids health organisations abiding to regulations in terms of protecting sensitive and confidential information. 

If for some reason a file does not reach its destination, or is opened by someone who does not have the authorisation to open the document, the sender can simply lock the document completely, or wipe the information contained.

With files and documents often shared between physicians, nurses and consultants, making sure that these sensitive files reach their correct destination safely is imperative, particularly when confidential information is contained. 

Until now it has been hard to determine if a file has ever been shared unlawfully. With EBC Group’s file management solution, securing shared documents have never been easier.

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Paperless Health Records Section

Paperless Health Records

Streamline your document process

As physical storage becomes dated and inconvenient, moving to our virtual environment will actively save on costs whilst streamlining your processes

Transferring paper documents into convenient virtual files, our e-copy ShareScan solution scans directly into existing document management systems, converting documents in to searchable or editable Microsoft files with high accuracy. 

Referrals are now scanned and emailed directly to consultants and secretaries for triage, ensuring that no paperwork or files are lost, misplaced or available to those who would misuse the information.

As the health profession becomes increasingly digitalised both in patient care and office environments, maintaining a system that is productive and efficient can sometimes prove a real headache.

With paper documents becoming both inconvenient and dated, healthcare professionals must seek new ways to aid productivity and most importantly secure medical documentation.

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Backup Health Care Data Section

Backup Health Care Data

Recover data in minutes

With critical data to maintain, losing this could prove detrimental to patient care. Helping retrieve your data in minutes, a recovery solution is imperative for any health care organisation.

As the health care industry moves toward the adoption of electronic health care records, the need to protect and secure these files has never been more important.

With patient treatment relying on systems being up running at all times, lack of access to the healthcare records during system downtime could not only prove detrimental to business proceedings, but also to a patient’s health.

EBC Group’s disaster recovery solution, RecoveryPoint is ideally suited to any large organisation that requires full recovery within minutes. Providing an automatic service, RecoveryPoint‘s real time monitoring will evaluate the health of your live systems and backups, ensuring that your recovery service is second to none. 

Its secure transfer, ensures that it aids the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) without violating security requirements.

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Cloud in Healthcare  Section

Cloud in Healthcare

Your data anywhere, anytime

Cloud Computing has been a hot topic in health care IT for several years and many health care organisations are realising the benefits and adoption is on the increase. IT is rapidly moving from a function that is run, managed and maintained in-house to an outsourced service hosted in a secure environment and managed by a specialist provider.

Cloud computing services are attractive to healthcare organisations because they enable the business to transfer the responsibility of running on-premises hardware and software to a specialist provider, who manage the hassles and costs that otherwise burden IT departments, such as software upgrades and hardware maintenance.

Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum. 

A hosted solution via a secure privately owned fibre circuit enables the hosting of a range of services from IT data and applications, to disaster recovery or telephony which can provide significant cost savings.

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