EBC Group introduced an IT solution that gave Garwyn improved visibility and performance of their IT environment across their 12 sites. The implementation was awarded with 'Private Cloud Project of the Year' at the DCS Awards.

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The Challenge

Inherited an IT infrastructure and systems estate in need of a complete review and overhaul.

When Head of IT, Jon Geach, joined Garwyn Group he inherited an IT infrastructure and systems estate in need of a complete review and overhaul. Garwyn had been through a difficult 48 month period, and as such there had not been the opportunity to invest in required IT projects.

Having been badly burnt through previous failed IT implementations, gaining the support to address their costly and difficult maintenance issues across their 12 sites was proving a real challenge.

The Approach

Our first task was to identify where Garwyn were over spending. After a number of onsite visits, addressing their costly on site servers and paper document issues really gave us an understanding of where we could not only make significant savings, but also improve Garwyn’s overall work flow.

For EBC Group, implementing and installing a Cloud solution without causing any disruption to Garwyn’s workflow was imperative.

Understanding that downtime could seriously harm their business proceedings, led EBC Group to conduct an extensive analysis of their working routine to establish and prepare their implementation for the network roll out.

Operating outside of Garwyn’s working hours allowed EBC Group to make major changes to their systems without their employees noticing any changes to their usual routine.

The Solution

Providing state of the art Cloud technology, EBC Group seamlessly integrated a Cloud solution that successfully centralised all data between the 12 locations.

Previous battles fought against numerous servers across their fleet of offices were eliminated as EBC Group’s off site data centre consolidated all information to one convenient location. However, in order to achieve full efficiency with in the workplace it was essential that all information was able to be digitally accessed, and not left redundant in paper format.

Alongside implementing a Cloud solution, EBC Group also introduced ‘M-Files’, a cloud based content and document management solution, which now conveniently centralises the Claims Management file handling, allowing employees to organise, share and find documents in regardless of location.

This cloud based solution eliminated the need to endlessly browse through paper archives,windows folders, effectively centralising all company filing irrelevant of file type, (Ms Office,Paper,Video,Pdf,Photo etc).

Winner of Private Cloud Project of the Year