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Has your IT system run out of steam? How long has it been since you really gave it a good check-up? Having a stable and efficient ICT infrastructure is crucial to the running of any successful business. It’s no secret that having a better IT and technology system in place, can have a direct impact on overall productivity and business growth.

EBC Group’s IT Audit can help give your IT infrastructure the boost it needs to stay ahead of the competition, helping to streamline your businesses processes and even save on costs.

By conducting IT and Technology audits we have previously been able to save businesses up to 40% on their printing costs, 50% on their lines and calls, and 60% on data storage. 

What is an IT Audit?

Think of it as a health check for your IT infrastructure. EBC Group’s highly trained team will take an indepth look into all your IT systems, identifying both strengths and weaknesses in your existing set up. The audit will include a complete examination of your software applications, hardware, security systems, operating systems and communication networks. The audit is designed to ensure there are no errors in your systems that could leave your organisation vulnerable.

EBC Group’s audit will analyse your data, and our findings and recommendations will be compiled into a report, together with any expected cost savings.

Your assessment will review;

  • Existing IT infrastructure
  • Telephony, lines and calls
  • Connectivity and Wi-Fi
  • Audit of your print & scan volumes

What does it cover?

Hardware- is your hardware set up and performing correctly

Software- do you have the correct software installed and is this being used correctly & effectively

Network-i s your overall network still performing, as it should? Is your Internet connection adequate and how easy is it to access systems from remote locations

Security-how vulnerable you are hackers or other malicious software

Backup & Disaster Recovery- how regularly you are backing up your data, and how quickly you can restore this in the event of a disaster

Updates-how current is your software, and if you have missed out on any important updates or patches.

Why EBC Group?

Our award winning services cover all your workplace technology, from IT and telephony to print and information management.

Everything works together and is implemented, managed and supported by us, so it’s hassle free and saves you time and money. Best of all it’s all delivered as a service without the massive upfront costs. 

Reduce IT Costs

Reduce IT Costs

An IT audit can help identify the key areas where you can save money, and where you can better invest this elsewhere, allowing you to plan your IT spend. 

Improve Data Security

Improve Data Security

Gives organisations the opportunity to redesign or strengthen poorly designed or ineffective controls, helping to future proof new or existing systems



Ensure both your hardware and software are configured, as per industry best practise, to give you peace of mind in what you have and what you use. 

Business Alignment

Business Alignment

Taking a step back and evaluating your infrastructure will allow you to align your IT and business goals, especially if you are growing and expanding.