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Financial Services

For financial services businesses handling and distributing high quantities of sensitive information and adhere to strict regulation and compliance, it is essential to maintain a secure and efficient IT environment. If confidential data were lost or fell into the wrong hands, it could prove extremely detrimental to your business.

Whether you're looking to secure your data and email or increase the resilience of your IT network, DR or data backup strategy - we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with financial and professional service organisations. We have worked with a wide range of financial sector clients and accountants, improving their IT services and ensuring their data is fully protected.

As a total solutions provider, we can offer a complete suite of IT, telecoms and print, which means you get the benefit of only needing to deal with one supplier and can make significant cost savings.

We ensure that our financial clients are offered a variety of options where they are only required to pay for what they need, with the option to scale up when they so wish, with our on-site IT or Private Cloud solutions delivering tangible benefits to manufactures, which will improve their day-to-day operations and provide cost savings.

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"We wanted a supplier that would be a partner with us rather than just a vendor. A solution provider that would provide continuing support, and be there for us when we needed help, and we found this in EBC Group. We also wanted a software product that was robust and reliable, and some assurance that the developer was committed to the market we are in, and likely to be there in the future."

Shaun Meredith-Jones, IT Manager at Richardsons LLP

Financial Data Storage  Section

Financial Data Storage

Find documents on demand

Store documents and produce audit trails when dealing with sensitive information and find documents on demand.

Primarily dealing with the collection, classification and communication of financial data, accountancy firms are under enormous pressure to be able to accurately and efficiently store high quantities of information. 

Being able to transfer such data into a manageable system, can sometimes prove problematic, particularly when trying to find select reports or invoices.

In addition to this, accountancy firms must also adhere to the strict guidelines provided by compliance and regulation.

EBC Group can provide an information management system that is specifically designed to work with the demanding nature of accountancy filing and document storage.

Our M-Files information management system flexibly centralises data into one easily manageable location that is accessed through a dynamic search tool. Effectively managing and processing documents, M-Files indexes documents for instantaneous retrieval, eliminating chaotic windows folders.

Creating full audit ready records that provide full history, audit trails, processes and backups, M-Files contains all the tools needed to comply with financial regulations.

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Paperless Finances Section

Paperless Finances

Improve document efficiency

Storage of physical documents is dated, inconvenient and expensive. Digital document capture will significantly reduce costs and streamline processes

Our Document Capture solutions mean that documents can now be scanned and indexed efficiently. For staff that waste considerable amounts of time scanning and sorting documents, this will improve incoming mail distribution by automatically distributing scanned items in to existing document management systems. 

In addition to this, its advanced software converts documents in to editable PDFs, saving considerable amounts of time in duplicating or reformatting documents that had previously only existed in paper format.

"The technology that EBC Group have introduced to us has made us more efficient in all areas. The implementation of the devices has been so easy"

Phil Johns, Director at Mainstay Residential Ltd

Moving away from traditional methods of storing documents, many professional services businesses are now in the process of moving into a paperless workplace. 

However, scanning paper documents into a digital format can often take considerable amounts of time, with manual processes often being very slow and at times inconvenient. Older scanners often struggle to keep up with increasing demand, lacking the intelligence to distinguish between the number of pages in a document and the ability to save them as PDFs.

In addition to this, employees who scan mail on a daily basis frequently find themselves sorting through mail twice as they initially scan the document to the server, only to then index this into a separate document management system. 

This not only leaves a considerable length of time between mail reaching the correct person, but leaves clients waiting for immediate responses on financial matters.

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Backup Financial Records Section

Backup Financial Records

Keep your financial data safe

Losing your important data could prove fatal to your business. With Backup and Recovery, retrieving your information is instant

Planning for a disaster is essential in maintaining a secure and reliable service. With EBC Group’s disaster recovery plan, recovering all data in light of a system crash is both quick and easy. 

Using world leading cloud technology and our private cloud environment our solutions are designed to restore all data within minutes, giving you complete peace of mind as your files and documents are backed up and monitored continuously.

With high quantities of sensitive data passing through financial businesses each day, maintaining high levels of security is imperative in adhering to confidentiality regulations. 

However, backup procedures are often neglected, risking the loss of huge quantities of sensitive data that is integral to the running of any financial business.

Imagine losing all your client information and data, including mail, VAT details or tax returns and being unable to retrieve these in an efficient manner. Aside from halting everyday business proceedings, the reliability and security of the firm would be questioned.

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Financial Cloud Section

Financial Cloud

Your data, systems and applications, anywhere, anytime.

Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum

Cloud Computing has been a hot topic in financial IT for several years and many firms are realising the benefits and adoption is on the increase. IT is rapidly moving from a function that is run, managed and maintained in-house to an outsourced service hosted in a secure environment and managed by a specialist provider.

Cloud computing services are attractive to financial firms because they enable businesses to transfer the responsibility of running on-premises hardware and software to a specialist provider, who manage the hassles and costs that otherwise burden IT departments, such as software upgrades and hardware maintenance.

Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum. A hosted solution via a secure privately owned fibre circuit enables the hosting of a range of services from IT data and applications, to disaster recovery or telephony which can provide significant cost savings.

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