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For educational establishments, who now often have increased responsibility for managing their IT, the need to work with a trusted partner who can recommend and manage the best IT and technology is vital. 

With a focus on providing educational establishments including schools and colleges with trusted advice and quality service, EBC Group has seen the demand for its support and expertise grow. 

We are experienced in providing managed services, including ICT and print solutions into the education sector. As a total solutions provider you can be confident that EBC Group can provide a full suite of IT services required by your educational establishment giving you the benefit of only needing to deal with one supplier, providing significant cost savings.

We ensure that our education clients are offered a variety of options where they are only required to pay for what they need, with the option to scale up when they so wish, with our on-site IT or Private Cloud solutions delivering tangible benefits to them and their students, which will improve their daily life and provide cost savings.

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"We have saved money and improved our printing quality. The service we receive from the team from the MD and account manager to the technicians and support staff is excellent; I’d highly recommend them to others."

Archway School

Visitor Management Section

Visitor Management

A secure visitor sign-in solution

Photo Capture, Barcode Scanning and Visitor Label Printing enables visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of a premises.

Security and accountability are imperative within education environments, Genee Registrar Visitor Management System provides a simple to use sign-in solution. Including Photo Capture, Barcode Scanning and Visitor Label Printing it allows visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of a premises.

Genee Registrar significantly reduces data entry and administration tasks typical of receptions with multiple signing in books. Stored data, reporting and fire evacuation procedures are supported by Registrars features with cloud data available for signing in and out or during a fire evacuation.

A standard Genee Registrar bundle includes 21.5” touchscreen with a high resolution webcam, thermal label printer, 8gb back-up, wall or desk mount option.

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Web Monitoring  Section

Web Monitoring

Digitally safeguard the students in your care

Technology that provides trustworthy safeguarding solutions for the safety and wellbeing of both students and staff.

The internet can often seem like a minefield, especially when protecting young users. Our web-monitoring technology provides trustworthy safeguarding solutions that prove essential for the safety and wellbeing of both students and staff. 

Working with leading technology provider Smoothwall, their software provides real-time, digital monitoring that flags incidents as they happen. Provided as a self service option, where risky content in automatically identified, or via managed service option via team of human moderators, their web monitoring technology will allow you to teach knowing that students and digital devices are protected. 

Key features:

Intuitive interface- Incidents are displayed using highly visual heat maps and graphs

Real-time monitoring- contents are auto-moderated and pre-graded in realtime 

Customisable- Flexible management to align with your school safety plans.

Cloud-based- Easy to install technology with remote set-up options and updates

Auto pre-grading-Reduces false positives and improves administrative collaboration to minimise oversight.

Accessible- Software can be securely accessed anywhere by administrators

Easy reports and alerts- Alerts can be sent in real-time and can be varied by risk level.

Self-service- Manage your alerts in-house with our easy to use interface.

Managed service- highly trained team monitors your alerts and notifies you of risks 

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Education Cloud Section

Education Cloud

Your data anywhere, anytime

Secure & flexible cloud environments designed to save costs and alleviate menial IT tasks.

Cloud Computing has been a hot topic in education IT for several years and many colleges, schools and universities are realising the benefits and adoption is on the increase. IT is rapidly moving from a function that is run, managed and maintained in-house to an outsourced service hosted in a secure environment and managed by a specialist provider.

Cloud computing services are attractive to the education sector because they enable colleges, schools and universities  to transfer the responsibility of running on-premises hardware and software to a specialist provider, who manage the hassles and costs that otherwise burden IT departments, such as software upgrades and hardware maintenance.

Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum. A hosted solution via a secure privately owned fibre circuit enables the hosting of a range of services from IT data and applications, to disaster recovery or telephony which can provide significant cost savings.

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Wi-Fi for Schools Section

Wi-Fi for Schools

24/7 reliable access

With numerous students, tutors and admin staff relying on continuous and efficient connection speeds, you can now stay connected 24/7, with minimal downtime.

Maintaining a steady connection with numerous users can sometimes prove problematic, particularly when so many students, tutors and admin staff are accessing internet connections at the same time. 

With a large amounts of data now accessed online, such as class notes, supporting material and even work submission, keeping a steady and consistent connection is vital to the overall running of any establishment.

EBC Group’s connectivity options are designed to counteract the downtime commonly associated with traditional broadband, accommodating for the high demand expected from educational establishments.

Leased Lines are a cost effective solution for substantial internet users, tailored to your exact requirements, growing with both student and staff numbers and allowing you to only paying for what you need. 

Its devoted line provides undisruptive internet connection regardless of how many users require access to the internet, providing unmatched upload and download speeds and vitally keeping up with the increasing demand of the virtual learning environment. 

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IT Support Section

IT Support

Saving time & money on your IT support

EBC Group's IT support alleviates the time and costs associated with maintaining your IT systems

Now, more than ever, students, faculty and staff rely heavily on IT and technology, with systems becoming more critical to the success of educational institutions. Ensuring this technology is performing efficiently can often be a real headache, as internal IT teams battle to keep up with increasing changes and demand.

EBC Group provide fully managed IT support, which can take full responsibility for all day-to-day operations, helping to alleviate the time taken in maintaining menial support tasks. Our managed IT support ensures you will experience minimum downtime and disruption thanks to our proactive service, which monitors your systems 24/7. Helping to reduce overall running costs, our systems will regularly perform reviews and health checks, reducing the risk of any hardware failures. 

EBC Group will tailor a range of services to best fit your organisation’s needs, providing you with a commercially viable solution, which enhances your technology, typically for less than you are currently spending.

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Reduce Printing Costs Section

Reduce Printing Costs

Keep costs down

Helping you control the numerous documents and files that are printed each day, our managed service will actively reduce costs, whilst increasing productivity.

With so many students and staff printing numerous documents on a daily basis, keeping track of these costs, can often prove to be a real headache. 

From reports to assignments, students, tutors and admin staff will require use of a print area most days, coming and going and until now leaving no evidence of a print trail.

In addition to the heavy print loads from manuals, work sheets and assignments, users often have no consideration for the waste in terms of paper, and particularly through using costly colour ink when work could easily be printed in mono. 

Developed in conjunction with network technicians and staff from a number of educational establishments, print management solution ‘UniFlow’ is designed to actively track and account for each document printed, scanned or faxed.

Through unique ID’s, UniFlow traces each person’s use, allowing administrators to monitor and analyse what users have printed, where they have printed and even the volume in which they have printed. 

Taking full control of costs, UniFlow restricts certain users or machines from accessing select functions such as colour print, preventing the waste of costly toner and conveniently assigning costs back to the user or department.

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