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Do power outages scare you away from public cloud?

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

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Posted 07 Apr 2017

Recent news coverage on public cloud outages have revealed just how much organisations are now depending on their IT providers to deliver their vital services. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been down for up to 4 hours with many more experiencing slowdowns.

To reduce the risks of downtime, many organisations have opted for a hybrid IT infrastructure model, which can help organisations achieve both cloud agility and traditional IT predictability.

Many organisations have made the decision to use a private cloud provider, with their critical applications and systems hosted in a data centre, whilst still relying on public cloud for less business-critical applications. Organisations that only use the public cloud may have to reconsider their strategy to reduce downtime risks.

The impact of downtime can be disastrous for companies, especially those relying heavily on being online to for a range of their systems including more obvious things such as websites, and smartphone apps but also cloud-connected smart buildings controlling everything from heating, lighting and security.

With organisations relying so much on their IT providers, the selection of IT partners is more important than ever before. Businesses must partner with reliable providers to get the best possible service for their business. Read the 10 questions to ask your data centre to find out how to select your data centre provider.


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