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Disaster Recovery Suite

We live in a world where it is no longer an option for organisations to operate without access to their IT systems and data. But not every business or system is the same and often require differing levels of security, flexibility and urgency, which is why we offer a range of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions.

DRaaS solutions for the 'always-on' business

Crucial to a high performance disaster recovery plan is having the right mix of solutions in place to meet your organisations need for speedy recovery at the best value. With this in mind EBC Group has created a suite of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions to help organisations achieve their objectives.


3 solutions to suit your needs and budget

  • Recovery: Rapid

For mission-critical IT systems and applications that cannot withstand loss or downtime for even a matter of minutes.  This solution enables rapid recovery in a high-quality production environment. Read more

  • Recovery: Replicate

For high-impact IT systems and applications that must be restored within minutes to hours after a disruption, regardless of technology complexity. This solution offers real-time replication with true failover recovery. Read more

  • Recovery: Restore

For applications and files that don’t warrant immediate recovery, this solution runs scheduled replication into the cloud, so that everything is easily accessible and restored when you need it. Read more

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DRaaS solutions for even the most complex IT environments

EBC Group have vast experience handling large-scale deployments, recovering both physical and virtual machines and various replication technologies, and securing all environments for comprehensive data protection. Through our flexible and proactive approach, we give your organisation the ability to focus on your core activities and initiatives while maintaining complete confidence in your recovery plans.

"It was felt that because of their expertise and the range of premium IT services they provide that they were the perfect match for us. We have invested in a new state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, which will include cloud hosting and disaster recovery"

James Hurley, IT Manager at DRP

Recovery: Rapid Section

Recovery: Rapid

Keep running, no matter what

For mission-critical IT systems and applications that cannot withstand loss or downtime for even a matter of minutes

Securely and reliably store your backups in the cloud – using either your own private storage within EBC Group’s private cloud infrastructure or shared storage using Veeam Cloud Connect. This is the solution for businesses that want the real-time availability of their data, systems and applications, and can’t afford to be without access to it for even a few minutes. A fully managed service which offers your business a 'Real RTO' of just a few seconds.

What is EBC Recovery: Rapid?

Many organisations have portions of their overall IT environment that are so critical they cannot withstand more than a few minutes of downtime or loss of transactions. As a result, these IT systems and applications need to be easily and immediately recovered in a high-quality environment.

Recovery: Rapid provides the perfect solution to this challenge. In the past, organisations were forced to make their applications active/active to accomplish this always-on requirement. However, this isn’t always possible due to legacy dependencies, disproportionate costs and the need for highly-specialized expertise to manage and run those solutions. Consequently, many companies end up having to settle with inadequate technology to protect their data. But now, there’s no need to settle for a less-than ideal solution.

Instant recovery you can trust

Recovery: Rapid leverages a high-quality IT infrastructure for always-on recovery. While most disaster recovery solutions don’t offer low enough RPO and RTO; Recovery: Rapid brings your most critical systems, applications or appliances up and fully available with near-zero wait time – all without loss or damage of key data during a disruption. Recovery: Rapid offers the advantages of both cost and simplicity of a cloud-based replica, meaning you can leverage high-availability for a cost that’s appropriate to your needs.

In addition, Recovery: Rapid can be combined with full suite of IT solutions so clients can leverage the simplicity and cost efficiency of one trusted service provider.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate recovery

Ensure the most critical elements of your IT environment come back online instantly. Ensures exact replicas of your IT systems, applications or appliances are fully available in a high-quality, private cloud environment that can be accessed in seconds after any disruption to your primary site.

  • Maximise the economies of cloud

Provision your passive recovery environment with only what’s needed to maximise the speed of your recovery while also saving on costs. With immediately accessible resources, you can scale up or scale out your environment within minutes.

  • Confidence and proof of recovery

Have one trusted provider for all of your recovery needs. Pair Recovery: Rapid with EBC Group's full suite of DRaaS and IT solutions to protect each tier of your IT disaster recovery strategy. Match recovery capabilities with your specific needs, enabling your business to concentrate on its key business strategy.


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Recovery: Replicate Section

Recovery: Replicate

Real-time replication with true fail-over recovery

For high-impact IT systems and applications that must be restored within minutes to hours after a disruption, regardless of technology complexity

Recovery within hours

The systems, data and applications that your organisation relies on every day to operate successfully need to be up and running within hours of a disruption, regardless of the technology that powers them.

Recovery Replicate provides a solution that can be easily tailored to handle physical and virtual machines as well as existing networking and security protocols, creating a real-time replication for even the most complex IT systems.

Focused Recovery

Recovery Replicate protects diverse, high-impact data and applications across various hardware and operating system technologies, providing full application recovery in as little as 2 hours after a disruption. With this solution, you get fast, consistent recovery for modern and legacy applications that rely on both physical and virtual machines.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible recovery

Regardless of the complexity of your technology, you will receive a flexible approach to testing and recovering complex IT environments in a simplified and effective manner.

  • Leverage the cloud

Get cost effective replication and recovery into cloud-based resources to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). Recover physical machines into a virtual environment and eliminate the requirement for a 2nd physical machine onsite.

  • One provider for all your recovery

Combine Recovery Replicate with EBC Group's full suite of DRaaS solutions to protect each tier of your IT disaster recovery strategy with RTO ranging from instant to hours.

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Recovery: Restore Section

Recovery: Restore

Scheduled replication into the cloud

Ensures everything is easily accessible and restored when you need it

While traditional methods such as tape backups are a useful way to store data, they don’t enable you to restore your applications, systems and data like the fast recovery capabilities of a cloud-based solution. Recovery: Restore is a secure cloud backup solution which offers more security and faster recovery time.

Backups that are recoverable

Recovery: Restore allows your business to restore and run services from their backups in the cloud, as well as quickly restore files and VMs back to their source site. The cloud-based storage is secure and encrypted so can quickly scale on demand to resources that are guaranteed to be available.

Recovery: Restore protects your files and applications with scheduled replication into the cloud using Veeam technology. When needed, you can restore applications to run at your own site or in EBC Group’s cloud environment.

Who is Recovery: Restore for?

Most organisations have a range of supporting applications and files that don’t warrant instant recovery, but are still critical to their ongoing business operations and need to be incorporated into the overall recovery strategy. 

A managed service which ensures your critical data, operating systems and IT applications are replicated to EBC Group's private cloud environment. This is best suited to businesses which need the assurance that in the event of a disaster they will still be able to access their critical data, operating systems and IT applications.

Recovery: Restore can form an important part of your recovery solution, however your organisation needs to understand whether it will provide an adequate level of disaster recovery or the ability for you to recover all your files, software and functionality instantly.

Key Benefits

  • Add Recovery to your backup

Don’t just backup your data in the cloud. Get recovery in the cloud that is reliable and easily recoverable, that way you’ll gain faster recovery speeds than offsite tape backups can offer.

  • Leverage Veeam technologies

Get replication and end-to-end encryption with Veeam. Plus, gain visibility and proof from EBC Group that everything has been replicated into the cloud successfully and is available to recover.

  • Reduce overhead costs

No need to spend time managing backups yourself or having to sacrifice quality accessibility, or the cost of managing a secondary site to ensure failover. EBC Group manages the full process through 2 private data centres.

  • One provider for all your recovery needs

Have one trusted provider for all of your recovery needs. Pair Recovery: Restore with EBC Group’s full suite of DRaaS solutions which can protect each tier of your IT disaster recovery strategy. 

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