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Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, are you able to restore your company’s critical software and applications in minutes rather than hours or days? No matter the size of your business, technology continues to change the way we operate. From servers processing information and storing large amounts of data, to employees using e-mail, VoIP, desktop computers, laptops and wireless devices to process, manage and communicate. But what if this all stopped working?

Why do I need a Disaster Recovery plan?

Ask yourself one simple question, ‘can my business still function without my critical data, applications and systems?’ If the answer is ‘no’, then a business disaster recovery plan should be high on your agenda,

It is inevitable that your data will be at risk at some point; whether it’s via a virus, machine error, human error or even a natural disaster. Downtime of your IT systems has a significant and costly impact on your business, causing a loss of productivity, reputation and can have serious commercial losses. Some businesses are never able to fully recover, and not having a business contingency plan in place could mean losing it all.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is much like having an insurance policy for your business and data, should something unexpected happen. 

How EBC Group can help with DR

Helping you plan for the unexpected, EBC Group provides the means and advice to devise a DR plan to recover your systems to a state in which they will support your business after a disaster.

Our specialist team will perform full risk assessments and business analysis to identify the IT services and technology that are vital to your businesses critical operations, whilst establishing recovery time objectives (RTO’s). From here, EBC Group can help write a business continuity plan that implement a system of plans and procedures to ensure your businesses critical functions can be restored and run with minimal disruption.

Powered by the world’s leading cloud solution, EBC Group’s IT disaster recovery provides scalable solution for your business servers and desktops which let your business feel confident that whatever happens, it will be in safe hands.

Our solutions range from a simple Cloud Backup solution to Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), Your DR Plan and Business Continuity, with advanced features that are optimised to work within your business environment, without impacting on your day-to-day operations.

Whether you have a physical or virtual environment, EBC Group’s IT disaster recovery plan will provide cutting edge techniques and can backup and restore with no hassle or stress, working alongside your live environments with no disruption. 

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What is Disaster Recovery?

In a world where data is at the core of your business, the impact of data loss, corruption, hardware failure hacking or human error could prove devastating to your business. Disaster Recovery aims to protect businesses from the negative events that disrupt everyday workings, by quickly resuming mission-critical functions following a disaster.

Disaster Recovery or Backup - what's the difference?

A question that is sometimes asked is what's the difference between Backup and Disaster Recovery, aren't they just the same? Whilst both are important, backup is just one part of the disaster recovery process. Find out more...

"The project itself has been a huge success. The speed has increased dramatically, the backups are no longer on tapes, we have a full DR plan which can be up and running in under 4 hours should anything major happen and everything is actively monitored by EBC Group to ensure the business is constantly available."

Graham Godber, Customer Service & IT Manager, Mainstay Group Ltd

Your DR Plan Section

Your DR Plan

How long can your business cope after disaster?

In the result of disaster do you need recovery in days, hour or minutes?

DR Planning

The Disaster Recovery solution you choose needs to consider the length of time your business can operate effectively for whilst not being able to run its IT systems, networks and applications or also have access to its business data. You need to consider whether in a result of disaster you want the recovery process to take days, hours or minutes.

"Even in small organisations this can be a significant figure in revenue terms, and that is before attempting to quantify the impact on customers, suppliers, brand identity and market perception, which can increase the impact exponentially."

Both Real Point Objective (RPO) and Real Time Objective (RTO) are critical factors in devising an effective disaster recovery plan. Disasters, by definition, are rarely expected. Fire, flood, theft, are all examples of disasters that can put a poorly organised business under permanently. A continuity plan is a roadmap that details how an organisation continues to operate while rebuilding.

RTO and RPO are measured in seconds, minutes, hours, or days and is the extent to which the interruption disrupts normal operations and the amount of revenue lost per unit time as a result of the disaster.

The cost of the downtime associated with waiting for applications to be recovered can result in significant loss in revenue and productivity, as your business may have no applications or access to data in order to fulfil customer orders or services and therefore unable to continue generating revenue. 

Real time objective (RTO)

Your real time objective (RTO) is the maximum tolerable length of time that your IT systems, network, or applications can be down after a failure or disaster occurs. Therefore your RTO is a vital consideration in deciding what is the most suitable disaster recovery plan for your business and different systems and applications.

RTO can be simply defined as ’The time that it takes for a business to recover its IT systems and applications’.


Real point objective (RPO)

Real Point Objective is focused on your organisations tolerance to data loss and how much it relies on access to the data in an event of a shutdown. RPO is determined by the time between data backups and the amount of data that could be lost between those periods of time. 

RPO is the amount of data a business can afford to lose before the failure causes severe problems or shuts them down.

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Cloud Backup Section

Cloud Backup

A secure online backup solution

A more secure option than traditional backup methods

Backup is the process of replicating data to another device or location; traditional methods of data back-up include tape drives, offsite backup and even USB devices.  Data backup is obviously important, however, the more important consideration is whether or not your backup solution provides a disaster recovery or the ability for you to recover all your files, software and functionality quickly, easily and without corruption - for example, if your server died, you wouldn’t be able to quickly get back to work if you only had data-level backup.

Whilst we would always recommend that our clients considered a Disaster Recovery plan, our Cloud Backup and storage is a solution that offers our customers peace of mind that all their data is fully backed-up and secure.

Your data is secured with EBC Group’s private data centre and fully replicated at our secondary datacentre. Cloud Backup provides a superior service to standard backup solutions, delivering a far more robust and secure option to that of tape or disk backup and 

Secure storage of data


  • Storing your backup somewhere safe is as important as backing up in the first place. However we find businesses constantly leave their backup tapes in the same place as their server and even lose tapes that contain sensitive data.


  • We can relieve you of the day to day task of backing up data. By using Cloud Backup we can fully automate your backup, which will be secure and verified.
  • We have data centres located across the country allowing us to quickly backup your data. By doing this you’ll not have the hassle of making sure tapes are kept secure and offsite.

A long-term storage solution


  • Many businesses find that they need to find financial records dating back years. Unfortunately many tape backup schedules don’t date back long enough.


  • We can keep your data safe and secure for as long as you require. As well as looking after your data, you’ll have the ability to access it at any time.


At a glance

  • Automated Backups
  • Critical data kept safe and secure
  • Access your backed up data at any time
  • Huge data retention of all your files
  • No more tapes
  • Online archive with long term data retention 
  • De-duplicated to cut storage costs 

"The EBC Group support team provide excellent support and actively manage our servers and data store ensuring problems are identified and rectified early."

Andy Butterworth, IT Manager at Worlds Apart

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Section

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Recovery in minutes with zero data loss

Don't wait for a disaster to happen before you plan for one

Powered by the world’s leading cloud solution, EBC Group’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a scalable IT disaster recovery solution for your business servers and desktops which lets you feel confident that whatever happens, you will be in safe hands. It's completely automatic, providing secure transfer and de-duplication.

With our fast, affordable and reliable recovery and backup system, our Disaster Recovery Suite provides recovery within minutes and gets your business back up to scratch as if no failure had ever occurred. Our Disaster Recovery Suite ensures that no data is ever lost and you can start working within minutes


  • Delivering an uninterrupted service is fundamental, not only for employees and client workflows, but also for keeping a competitive edge.
  • Unwanted downtime can keep employees from performing simple day to day tasks and clients receiving the key services they require.


  • If your business is at risk of suffering from undesirable downtime, particularly of applications (such as financial systems or email) then a managed disaster recovery solution is for you.
  • Our cloud disaster recovery solution promises a high level of service, and by taking advantage of cloud technologies recovery time is reduced to just minutes.
  • Combined with our real time monitoring, our accredited team actively evaluate the health of your live systems and backups.

Recovery: Rapid

For mission-critical IT systems and applications that cannot withstand loss or downtime for even a matter of minutes.  This solution enables rapid recovery in a high-quality production environment. Read more

Recovery: Replicate

For high-impact IT systems and applications that must be restored within minutes to hours after a disruption, regardless of technology complexity. This solution offers real-time replication with true failover recovery. Read more

Recovery: Restore

For applications and files that don’t warrant immediate recovery, this solution runs scheduled replication into the cloud, so that everything is easily accessible and restored when you need it. Read more

"It was felt that because of their expertise and the range of premium IT services they provide that they were the perfect match for us. We have invested in a new state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, which will include cloud hosting and disaster recovery"

James Hurley, IT Manager at DRP

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Business Continuity Section

Business Continuity

Ensuring your business continues to work

Have your systems back and working in a matter of minutes

What is Business Continuity?

Would your business still be able to operate in the event of a disaster that meant you couldn’t access your data or systems or even be able to operate within your usual premises? Imagine what the financial implications to your business and also the damage to your reputation if you failed to meet your customer obligations.

According to research by BCI, 80% of businesses suffering a major incident close within 18 months if they have no effective Business Continuity Plan.

In today’s technological world the importance of protecting your business is vital. EBC Group’s objective is to ensure that our clients minimises their exposure to risk and loss during any unforeseen disruption. 

By continuously streaming your physical or virtual environment to EBC Group’s data centre in real time we will create a live virtual image which becomes a copy of the protected data, systems and infrastructure.

This is a superior solution to disaster recovery and will enable you to restore your systems within minutes and provides all the benefits of co-located, fully managed solution but for a fraction of the cost of using physical hardware.


Workplace Continuity

Alongside our virtual business continuity solutions, EBC Group can provide clients with a workplace continuity plan that will guarantee that your business can continue working in the event of something happening that prevents you operating from your usual premises. Our solution will guarantee your business can operate from a fully configured office suite so that within a matter of hours your staff can be settled in a comfortable environment receiving telephone calls with a familiar desktop screen in front of them. Implemented alongside a disaster recovery plan, providing full backup and access to your applications and data means you can continue working as usual without your customers even being aware, ensuring minimal impact on your business.

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