Charter Castings

EBC Group worked with Charter Castings to introduce a secure document management solution which improved purchasing and HR workflows, resulting in a reduction in time and costs

  • The Challenge
  • The Approach
  • The Solution
  • Feedback

The Challenge

We needed a more effective system for both our Purchasing and HR documents

Charter Castings had identified that the existing business process for creating new purchase orders was very manual and paper intensive. The time taken by staff in creating and finding orders, combined with the cost of pre-printed purchase order forms, was not proving cost effective for the business.

Charter Castings were also looking for an effective solution for managing specific HR documentation and activities, as the current HR records were stored in paper based filing cabinets, making the retrieval and visibility of documents difficult and time consuming.

The Approach

M-Files had the functionality to not only effectively manage the processes but to also provide us with a secure, easy to use, and scalable solution

EBC Group engaged with Charter Castings employees and obtained a good understanding of the infrastructure and requirements.

With the information obtained, EBC Group offered a cost effective and flexible document management solution, M-Files.

EBC Group then began to map out and re-design both the purchase order and process, as well as the HR structure to give Charter Castings an easy to use but scalable solution.

The Solution

It was clear that we had a great solution that we feel can help our business and grow with any changes in our requirements

Implementation of a purchase order process that has removed the need for pre-printed stationary and introduced workflows to streamline the process.

Automated workflows now route purchase orders directly to management, where they can be signed on screen and notifications automatically sent when completed.

HR records are now securely stored electronically, with restricted access only allowing select personnel to retrieve and edit certain documents.

In addition, emergency contact details for employees can now be accessed quickly and with ease, without the need to search manually through paper files.

The elimination of paper processes has since seen a reduction of filing cabinets, freeing valuable space on-site.

A secure document management solution which reduced time and costs