Tech Predictions 2019

By Louisa Turley, Marketing Executive, EBC Group

Posted 17 Dec 2018

2018 was another interesting year for technology, but what does 2019 have in store?...

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Tech predictions 2018

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

Posted 04 Jan 2018

What does 2018 have in store? Here are EBC Group’s top tech predictions.

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ISO has become essential to IT Providers

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

Posted 10 Nov 2017

ISO 27001 for Information Security Management has become the standard that all cloud service providers should challenge themselves to attain and maintain. EBC Group place considerable importance on being accredited to ISO standard in order to provide our clients with the complete confidence required to host their mission critical systems with us.

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Tags: Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, IT Solutions

GDPR WARS - Technology Strikes Back

By Graham Hurwood, EIM Sales Specialist

Posted 09 Oct 2017

The task of ensuring you are ready to comply with GDPR can be extremely challenging and whilst a lot of companies are starting to understand what they need to do, they are still not sure of the practical steps to auditing and managing personal data in order to stay compliant with GDPR regulations.

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7 Steps to become GDPR compliant

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

Posted 26 Sep 2017

It's clear that no matter where companies currently are on the issue of GDPR, they could probably do with understanding more about it and how the regulation works. Here are 7 steps which your organisation should undertake to become GDPR compliant.

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Tags: Information Management, Cyber Security