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Benefits of Mail Defence

Utilising cloud technology, Mail Defence requires no additional hardware or software downloads, providing a cost effective and straightforward solution that reduces he overheads of your physical hardware. 

Simple and cost effective

Offering complete flexibility, Mail defence allows you to scale up or down according to your business needs, with its simple set up providing complete network security in minutes.

Protect and preserve

Effectively blocking new email threats before they reach your network, Mail defence uses an advanced combination of traditional signature-based antivirus engines, zero hour threat detection and Malware detection technology. 

Filtering all incoming and outgoing mail, it actively detects and analyses any potential spam risks, giving you complete access to web based quarantine, ensuring that authentic messages are not over looked.


To complete your email security, Mail Defence also offers integrated email archiving that accurately stores inbound and outbound mail for future search and retrieval, in addition to adhering to regulation and compliance by providing a full history of email communications.

Control and support

Providing your business with a simple, customisable web based control panel, Mail Defence offers administrators complete control of their mail security service. Helping identify any potential risks, email summaries allow teams to access and deal with threats accordingly, whilst a detailed log makes searching for any inbound or outbound mail quick and convenient. 

Offering complete continuity regardless of network outage, Mail Defence ensures your business can continue accessing and responding to emails via its simple online control panel. In addition to this, mail defence also comes with the peace of mind that professional and reliable technical support is on hand should you require it.

"‘Having partnered our IT services with EBC Group, our infrastructure has been completely refreshed having overhauled a tired and dated system. The EBC Group team has transformed an underperforming IT system providing Jupiter Marketing with centralised support and an IT partner that really understands the importance of flexibility and future proofing our systems'. "

Ian Grubb, Financial Controller at Jupiter Marketing