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Benefits of Kaspersky Lab

For businesses that want world-class network protection, Kaspersky offers a total security solution that provides a comprehensive service, and a list of benefits that includes;



As a world-leading provider of anti-malware technology, Kasperky offers signature based, proactive and cloud based solutions that provide your business with even better defences against existing, new and emerging threats.


Security for files

Shared storage offers many advantages, but one infected file can spread malware across your business network. Kaspersky offers anti-malware protection for your file servers, helping your business benefit from shared storage without any security risks.


Save time and money on IT administration

As business networks become more complex, many IT teams are now spending increasing time managing them. Kaspersky offers the ability to ease the load of your IT team, whilst actively reducing administrative costs; from automatic inventories of hardware and software to scanning and patch management.


Control and Manage

Providing flexible control features, Kaspersky offers your IT team the means to manage IT usage of the web, devices and applications. Kaspersky gives you the control to maintain which permissions are granted to access systems, and how your employees use the Internet.


Secure Internet Access

Kaspersky provides anti-malware protection that secures the web traffic flowing through your Internet gateways.  By removing malicious programmes and providing secure Internet access, Kaspersky ensures your employees can work more productively.

"Cyber security is massively important to a business like ours. We hold a lot of personal and confidential information about our clients; we also handle substantial sums of money through the business on a daily basis. Businesses like ours are seen as a soft target to cyber criminals. EBC Group have provided us with a series of firewalls and anti-virus protection meaning that our info and client data is much more secure and protected from cyber criminals."

Rebbeca Widdowson, Managing Partner at Hallmark Hulme Solicitors