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A better way to manage HR documents?

By Graham Hurwood, EIM Sales Specialist

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Posted 11 Jul 2016

Working in HR departments everywhere are professionals who are spending huge amounts of time and effort managing documents for each employee, policy or procedure. That effort is greatly increased when the documents must be saved, printed and later filed.  Then come another issue - someone has to find the document.

When you also consider that companies typically misfile up to 20% of their records*, you can see why organisations are looking for a better way to store, manage and share documents and information.

The task of storing personnel files is complex: paper documents must be stored and protected from the risk of loss or damage, also the electronic files must be stored securely, and access control must be maintained.

In one of my previous blogs; 'Cost saving with document management' I discussed the hidden costs associated with the use of manual and paper based systems. The points made in this blog are equally relevant when talking about the way HR departments manage documents:

  • Paper and printing costs
  • Document storage costs
  • Labour to file and retrieve documents
  • Misfiling documents

Of course managing documents is one issue however there are also processes and workflows that must be followed within the HR department.  These could be as simple as:

  • Ensuring all documentation for a new starter has been created.
  • Notifying staff when a policy document is published or updated.
  • Task management, such as employee performance reviews.

Whatever the reason, utilising the power of workflow within a Document Management System will almost certainly make it easier, whilst ensuring all steps in your business processes are followed.

So with all of the document management, security concerns and business processes to consider how do HR departments ensure that they are staying compliant whilst staying productive?

M-Files is the perfect solution because its makes it easy to manage documents and information, its range of innovative functionality makes it the ideal platform for you to centralise employee and HR documentation along with other important tasks or information. Find out more

To see a real-life example, see how EBC Group worked with Charter Castings to introduce a secure document management solution which improved purchasing and HR workflows, resulting in a reduction in time and cost. Click here 

*Source: ARMA International

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