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5 ways your business can benefit from UC

By Faisal Iqbal, Technical Director at EBC Group

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Posted 25 Mar 2014

Not so long ago the telephone was perhaps the most important business tool.  However developments such as the Internet, email, instant messaging and social media have forever changed the way in which businesses now communicate. Old-fashioned phone systems are now redundant and are being replaced with Unified communications (UC).

UC consolidates all your communications and networking resources, such as telephone, server-based applications, voicemail, email, IM (instant messaging), video and conferencing into a single connection, which can run over your existing Internet connection. It integrates directly into your existing server environment or it can be accessed via the cloud.

But whichever way you choose to use it, here are 5 ways you can transform the way your business operates;


1. Reduce your office costs:

Companies can consolidate their office space by implementing ‘hot’ rather than ‘dedicated desks’ to staff depending on who is scheduled to be in that day. A recent survey from Vodafone in conjunction with the YouGov poll revealed an average saving of 5,746 per desk per year as a result of losing a single desk space.


2. Create a ‘virtual’ workforce regardless of location:

 Using UC any employee can work from home or remotely (59% of employers now offer remote working Source: ONS) and still be connected to the company PBX (telephone system) and network resources as if there were in the office. With products such as Swyx, calls can be routed automatically to any device you choose, from your mobile or even the phone in your hotel room.


3. Improve service with more customer interactions:

With UC you can actually increase the number of staff available at any one time increasing opportunities for new sales and repeat business. Features like rich presence means you can instantly see who is available, wherever they are.


4. Consolidate office overheads:

For companies that have branch or virtual offices you can converge receptionist duties at one site.


5. Reduce travel costs: 

With built-in video or audio conferencing you can avoid face-to-face meetings and expensive travel costs.

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