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5 ways to save money on your print

By Richard Wood, Pre-Sales Consultant at EBC Group

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Posted 20 Apr 2015

For most companies, keeping outgoing costs to a minimal whilst providing the same level of service and attention to detail can sometimes prove to be a real struggle. Whilst most businesses will seek to tackle large cash falls, smaller parts of their daily workflow are often overlooked. Time and time again, EBC Group find that businesses are making significant cash losses on their print environment through out dated machines, menial labour, and unproductive print processes.

Here are 5 simple ways that you could save money on your print environment!

1. Print on both sides

With most printers now facilitating either duplex or ‘manual duplex print’, the ability to print on both sides of a piece of paper essentially halves the amount of paper you use.

2. Change your font

Changing your font is an easy and great way of saving your print. Although not the first thought when considering reducing your printing costs, switching your font to Times New Roman instead of Arial or Sans Serif for example, will reduce the amount of ink used.

3. Print in black and white

A simple change in settings to default print in black and white will save you wasting costly colour ink, with black ink much cheaper to replace.

4. Change your printer

Although this would seem a costly option, the cost and time saving benefits greatly out way the maintenance and upkeep of your older machines.

Older printers not only use more ink that is often prone to drying out, but the cost of purchasing these will escalate as demand for them decline, leaving limited options as to where these are stocked.

In addition to this, it may be best to re-evaluate your printing requirements, which may have changed considerably since you first purchased the machine.  If older machines lack facilities such as duplex print, you could be printing unnecessary high volumes, instead of halving your paper usage.

5. Consider Managed Print

For many businesses the answer to a proactive and cost effective print environment is often the investment in a managed print service.

Although this may seem like a daunting step, a managed print service is in fact very simple and easy to integrate in to your existing workflow. Much like a phone contract, a set monthly free will ensure you are given a certain amount of inclusive prints each month, as well as the inclusion of toners and inks that are delivered direct from your provider.

Ensuring you are always provided with the most up-to-date technology, a managed print service will also maintain your devices via in-house engineers, with all parts and labour included in your monthly fee.

In addition, a managed print service will help you make the most of your print environment by continuously monitoring and auditing usage, providing you with regular business intelligence reports and complete visibility in your organisations print costs.

For more information about EBC Group's Managed Print Services please contact hello@ebcgroup.co.uk or 0121 585 4400


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