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3 ways M-Files can change your day

By Graham Hurwood, EIM Sales Specialist

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Posted 10 Oct 2016

When I sat down to write this blog post, I began to think about how my work life has changed since we began selling but more importantly using M-Files 5 years ago.

That process really made me look back and think how did I work before M-Files?

As I began to look back at the way both myself and the business functioned before M-Files it got me thinking... Wow if I have seen all of these benefits, and our clients who have implemented M-Files have seen the benefits, then someone should be telling everyone else about how it can help them!

Now obviously I say this slightly tongue in cheek as my job is to show and sell the benefits of M-Files, but my point really is that I have a limited reach with the number of organisations I can visit, call or even provide online demonstrations for.

So what about everyone else? What about all the organisations who just don’t know what to do in order to improve the way they work?

My aim with this post is to really try to reach as many people or organisations who are frustrated with the way they are working and have that feeling that “there must be a better way”.

However, in today’s ever-changing technology marketplace, I’m aware that lots of you are bombarded with information about features and benefits of lots of different software. So what I wanted to do was really look at it from a different perspective and explain what M-Files means to you and your day!

When looking at all the ways M-Files helps, I decided to break the benefits down into the following three ways I believe M-Files has changed my day:


After I have signed into my laptop and taken the first few sips of my morning coffee, I open two programs - Outlook and M-Files.

Once I have checked my inbox for the usual suspects, my next stop is M-Files to check a few things:

  • Do I have anything assigned to me for action?
  • Do I have any quotations that are expiring today?
  • What’s the latest update on a specific client project?

Because, when you are using M-Files all of this information is right in front of you on the home screen and that means all the information I would have had to search for previously is now right at my fingertips.

This is achieved by M-Files automated workflows and metadata meaning that I don’t have to remember that a proposal is expiring today or to approve the invoice I was sent because M-Files is intelligently providing this information to me and can even send me emails to remind me.

Automation of workflows, reminders and periodic tasks are all things that allow me to be more productive and ensure that I don’t miss that important document that needs to be done today. All of this all means that I can get the work done and still get home on time to put my kids to bed!

Integrated Systems

The integration between your business systems and the documents you create is very important and this is something M-Files does really well. M-Files integrates seamlessly with systems like your CRM and ERP enabling you to easily tag documents to objects like clients, suppliers, leads etc.

Ask yourselves - When I need to access a document for a client where will it be?

  • Stored in the CRM?
  • In a shared drive on the network?
  • The file cabinet?
  • Your email client?

Well for me as an M-Files user, when I am looking for a document, for a specific client I know that I can open M-Files and within either a few clicks or a simple search I will find ALL documents for that client.

Because M-Files is integrated with our CRM and accounting software I have all the information I need in one place. This means that I don’t need to have lots of different applications open at once because this is all available to me within M-Files.

Also, because M-Files integrates to the applications on my laptop, saving documents, emails or project information is quick and easy. This information is also available on my mobile using the M-Files app meaning when I am out of the office my information is still easily accessible.


I think most people would be familiar with this feeling – you are looking for a document so you open your shared drive and navigate to a folder called proposals, when you open this folder you are confronted with document names such as: 

  • ProposalV1.docx
  • Proposal-new.docx
  • ProposalV2.docx
  • ProposalnewV2.docx

This can only mean one thing – a sales person has been here!

However, using M-Files this is a no longer something I worry about because when I am working on or searching for a document, I know that there is only one current version of the document meaning I don’t access the incorrect version - This is thanks to the version control within M-Files.

The M-Files version control ensures that I always have the current version of the document but also gives me the ability to access the document history to see what has changed, who did it and when the change was made, because let’s face it who wants to spend time working out what one is the correct version.

In summary

These are three ways that I believe M-Files has changed my day but I also believe that it can change yours too. We all know that using the right tools makes the job much easier, so why continue struggling to manage the ever-increasing amount of documents and information we need on a daily basis with the wrong tools?

Why not take a look and see if you can be more Automated, Integrated and Controlled and see how your day can change with the use of M-Files?

Register for your free M-Files trial here 

Tags: Controlling Documentation, Information Management

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