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For manufacturing companies finding efficient and cost effective business ways to manage their IT services can seem like a real challenge. With manufacturing businesses often having a variety of offices and workspaces that can be spread over either the same location or different sites, the need to have a strong IT and communications infrastructure is vital. This will enable your workforce to easily and cost effectively communicate, backup data and share documents and information. 

Whatever the type of manufacturer you are, whether you have one site or many with tens or thousands of employees we understand how to implement and manage IT services that work and deliver real benefit.

We understand that whether you already have IT expertise within your organisation, you want to concentrate on your key parts of your business - making and selling products. so it is important that your IT works every time and is delivering value to your business.

EBC Group deliver the latest IT solutions for manufacturers which ensure that your organisation is ready for the future.

As a total solutions provider, we can offer a complete suite of managed IT, telephony, connectivity and print, which means you get the benefit of only needing to deal with one supplier whilst also making significant cost savings.

We ensure that our manufacturing clients are offered a variety of options where they are only required to pay for what they need, with the option to scale up when they need to. Our on-site IT or Private Cloud solutions deliver tangible benefits to manufacturers, which will improve their day-to-day operations and provide cost savings.

We help a wide range of manufacturing clients of all sizes, read our case studies to find out how we helped Titan Europe, Worlds Apart and Charter Castings.

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"EBC Group really are our central IT hub, all of our IT, servers and data are backed-up and stored with them, and they have also helped us put in a large Wi-Fi system. We have gone from being a complete IT illiterate company, to quite cutting edge from an IT perspective. EBC Group are our first choice and we have had a very good partnership and learning experience with them. We are looking forward to all of the clever things they come up with in the future."

Chris Akers, Managing Director Wheels Division at Titan Europe Plc

Paperless Office Section

Paperless Office

Eliminate costly storage and improve efficiency

Physical storage of documents is expensive and inconvenient. Digital storage saves on space, and makes the retrieval of important documents quicker

Our Document Capture solution will actively streamline both the retrieval and indexing of documents.

Turning inconvenient paper files into efficient digital documents, business documentation is now available on demand, eliminating the need to search through endless filing cabinets. 

Now employees can scan files into an existing document management system, providing secure storage and peace of mind that documents will not go missing or simply be misfiled.

In many logistical and manufacturing organisations, office staff often find themselves buried under streams of paper files. 

Often stored away in dated and limited filing cabinets, employees are frequently searching for proof of deliveries and other backup documentation as required. 

Assuming that paperwork has been stored away correctly, retrieving these paper documents often wastes precious time. Employees can easily spend hours each week searching for files and even longer searching for documents which have been misfiled.

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Secure Print Section

Secure Print

Take control of your printed documents

With sensitive information often waiting in large print queues, maintaining confidentiality can be difficult. Take control of your print environment.

The Solution

With so many users, networks are often overloaded with pending invoices, receipts and quotations, which, when eventually printed can be forgotten, leaving confidential and sensitive information on display.

Combining EBC Group’s multifunctional devices with uniFLOW’s My Print Anywhere software, print environments can be centralised, allowing you to easily manage and secure your print environments. 

Providing each user with a unique pin, printed documents are held in a secure print queue until authenticated at the device by the user, eliminating sensitive information being carelessly left in the print tray. 

The Challenge

Like many logistical and manufacturing businesses, maintaining a streamlined yet cost effective and secure print environment can be a struggle, particularly with so much information being both input and printed. 

Keeping critical business information secure throughout in both physical and digital format is imperative to prevent any exposure to unauthorised individuals.

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Easy Document Storage Section

Easy Document Storage

Documents on demand

Storing documents in an organised yet efficient system can be demanding in a busy workplace. Now you can find your documents instantaneously

The Solution

Our Enterprise Information Managment (EIM) solution, M-Files, helps businesses organise, manage and track important documents.

Simply indexing files into one centralised location, M-Files dynamic search function finds any document on demand in addition to reviewing, approving or changing the order process.

Easily customisable workflows can route information to the right people for follow-up, approvals, or to simply notify other team members when the task has been complete, providing a simple workflow for each document.

The Challenge

Being able to efficiently store and retrieve documents and files, is imperative when keeping up with fast paced and expanding office environments. 

For businesses that require information on demand such as purchase orders, invoices and project documentation, having a productive and efficient storage system is vital to keeping a steady and reliable workflow.

Often, we find businesses with unorganised windows folders, that leave employees searching for what could be hours each week for specific documents or order histories, in addition to some documents still being held in dated filing cabinets.

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Cloud in Manufacturing  Section

Cloud in Manufacturing

Your data, systems and applications, anywhere, anytime.

Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum

Cloud computing services are attractive to manufacturing firms because they enable businesses to transfer the responsibility of running on-premises hardware and software to a specialist provider, who manage the hassles and costs that otherwise burden IT departments, such as software upgrades and hardware maintenance.

Cloud is a pay as you consume technology which means you can budget your IT costs into a monthly manageable sum. A hosted Private Cloud solution via a secure privately owned fibre circuit enables the hosting of a range of services from IT data and applications, to disaster recovery or telephony which can provide significant cost savings.

Cloud Computing has been a hot topic in manufacturing IT for several years and many firms are realising the benefits and adoption is on the increase. IT is rapidly moving from a function that is run, managed and maintained in-house to an outsourced service hosted in a secure environment and managed by a specialist provider.

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